Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Be Gentle

I went to the temple today. I made it a goal to go every week and I especially needed it today because some things have been on my mind. While I was sitting in the celestial room I was praying and praying, asking for some peace and some direction. I always receive my answers through the scriptures so I picked up the bible and flipped it open randomly and it took me to the book of Job. It was recounting how all Job's friend's were scorning him because he still believed that God was good, even after all that he went through and Job's reaction. He weeps and testifies of all his afflictions, yet he still turns to God an testifies that He lives. For some reason my thoughts turned towards his friends and I was thinking about how Job may have had an easier time coping with everything if he had had better friends. Of course the point of Job's story was that he was to feel completely alone, that was his test, but still, it made me think and ponder if there was anyone in my life who was tearing me down, if there was any negativity that I should remove from my life, and I came up with someone.... Me. I am my own worst enemy. I am always constantly trying to achieve perfection in everything I do, so I am often disappointed. When I do the slightest thing wrong, I feel extremely guilty. I thought to myself "If the person in my head was a real person, would I want them to be my friend?" and the answer was no. Yes, I like that I have a little person in my head that is always pushing me to be better, but I don't like how when something goes wrong I often put the blame on myself or I beat myself up for it instead of just letting it go. I have a friend, the humblest person I know, who is this way as well and I hate it that he can't see what an amazing person he is because he feels bad for the one silly little thing that he did wrong, that really isn't a big deal. I just thought it was important to share that we need to be gentle with ourselves. We treat our friends gently, why can't we show ourselves the same kind of love? I think that everyone deserves to give themselves a little pep talk every day. It's ok to look in the mirror and say I AM AWESOME, you know why? BECAUSE YOU ARE! When you are feeling down, take a deep breathe. You aren't perfect. And that's ok. You move on and keep trying. Don't stress about the little things. If we do our best Christ will make up the difference. In fact, he already has. :) Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured. Stop worrying so much and LIVE! God wants us to be happy, he doesn't want us pushing ourselves down, so start pulling yourself up! Smile. Doubt the bad, believe the good. You are the child of a King! :)

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