Sunday, January 26, 2014

Wait... 18 months!?!


My name is Marissa Ibarra! On Halloween of 2013 I received a special letter from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. In that letter I received a call to missionary labors in the Mexico Puebla North Mission. On March 19th, I will be catching a flight to Salt Lake City and then I will be driving down to Provo to enter the Missionary Training Center (MTC) where I will stay for 6 weeks and then I will fly down to Mexico where I will be able to teach the people about Jesus Christ for 18 months (I know, I'm totally crazy, you wouldn't believe all the strange looks and remarks I have gotten, but I really love God haha)!

For those of you who are curious, the MTC is a place where missionaries go for a certain amount of time (depends on your call) to be taught how to be a missionary. You go to scripture classes, practice teaching, keep your body in good physical shape, and learn the language you will be speaking (if going foreign speaking).

I am so very excited to be able to keep you up to date with all my adventures during the next year and a half! As part of being a missionary, I will not be allowed to communicate with you like I normally would (no calls, texts, facebook, snapchat, etc). This is a great rule created for missionaries so we don't get distracted from the work we have been sent out to do. Good news though! While on the mission I will have one day a week, Preparation Day (P-Day), where I am allowed to email and write letters to you. I am very excited to share all that I will be up to, but I would really love to hear what is going on in your lives too! My mother will be taking care of my blog, where she will post my weekly email so you can see what the life of a Mormon missionary is like! If you would like to get in touch with me personally my email will be

Also, if you are super cool, you can write me a letter and I will totally write you back!
If you would like to write to me while I am at the MTC (March 19th- April 26th) I will have that address out on here when they give me the specific mailing address a week before I depart.
If you would like to write to me while I am in Mexico you will write to this address:

Sister Marissa Kay Ibarra
Mexico Puebla North Mission
Calle 25 Sur N° 907
Col. La Paz
72160, Puebla

I wasn't planning on starting this blog until I actually left for my service, but recently I have felt very strongly that I should be sharing what I am learning and studying in the 52 days I have left until I leave. I feel that by sharing my testimony and sharing what I am learning in my preparations that not only will I be practicing being a missionary now, but it will help me to be accountable to something so I don't slow my preparations down. I feel that since I have left Idaho my studies have dwindled a bit, so I believe this will help me press forward and not slack off so much haha.

I know that this church is true with all my heart and that Jesus is the Christ. I wouldn't be leaving my home and education if I didn't believe that 100%. To most, this mission may sound like a hard sacrifice, but to me it was the easiest, most natural decision I have ever made in my life. God has a plan for each of His children and I know, through personal revelation, that this is mine. I know that Heavenly Father knows me and loves me. He will help me as long as I have faith and do what He has asked, and He has asked me feed his sheep.

I am excited to be able to teach you for these next 52 days and I can't wait to share the next 18 months of my life with you as well! :)

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