Tuesday, February 11, 2014


So I wasn't going to be one of those missionary girls who posted selfies showing off what they got for their mission, but I AM SO HAPPY I ACTUALLY FOUND CLOTHES that I wanted to share a few haha. When you are going to be living out of a suitcase for 18 months and you have a dress code, PLUS you have to find fabrics that will work were you are being called (I have to hand wash all my clothes, so I had to take that into account) it can be very difficult to find anything. For those reading who are going to be future missionaries, here are some tips I gathered from other missionaries and from my own experience.

1. Don't pack too much. Find skirts that can match with lots of shirts to save space. When you get to your mission you can always buy more clothes if needs be. I have heard many sisters say they wish the hadn't packed so much.

2. THRIFT STORES! Do you know how hard it is to find a skirt that covers the front and back of the knee, but doesn't hit the ground? Nobody makes skirts like that much anymore.... Everyone likes the super long or the super short. Thrift stores are the place to find these skirts!

3. Alter. I have a long skirt (pic on right) that isn't appropriate for the mission, but it is split into 3 parts, so I am going to cut the bottom part (pinned in this pic) so it goes up to the hem and then it will be just right! Look out for these skirts too, you may have some in your closet that can either be trimmed up or that lace can be added to the bottom to make it just a bit longer.

4. CARDIGANS CARDIGANS CARDIGANS! I have never been a cardigan person. Every missionary told me they were great. I refused to even look at them until my sweet mother forced me to try one on AND THEY ARE THE BEST THINGS EVER! They can go on top of shirts and BOOM now it's appropriate. They match with so many things and they can look pretty cute.

5. Accessories. Scarfs are awesome. Belts are awesome. Throw a couple into your mix of clothes and you multiplied your outfit count! This way you can get some color and fun in too. :)

6. If you really can't find anything you like, make it! This blue skirt I made a few years ago and I love it because it has pockets and it has a fun pattern. (sorry about the glare)

7. MOST IMPORTANT! Don't stress out about finding clothes. Don't stress about looking cute. It isn't what is important. You are leaving your home to serve the Lord and represent him, not to impress anyone or be the next missionary fashionista. If you are doing what is important, like studying your scriptures and Preach My Gospel, praying, and keeping the commandments God will help you find those things you need and you will find that you won't be worrying about how you look. You will radiate the light of Christ and end up being beautiful and finding adorable things anyway! :)

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