Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Walls and Tweets and MVPs

In Helaman there is this story about this awesome guy named Samuel. He was a Lamanite who went preaching to the Nephites to try to bring them to repentance. If you have been following along the Nephites USED to be the righteous ones and they were preaching to the Lamanites who where bad, but because of the pride cycle (check out that blog post of mine if you haven't already) the Nephites became prideful and the Lamanites are now humble. Anyways, Samuel the Lamanite goes to preach to the Nephites and they didn't want to hear him so they cast him out of the land. The Lord said to Samuel go back, so he does, but of course the people won't let him into the city so what does he do? Nope, he doesn't leave and give up, instead he climbs on the wall surrounding the city and preaches from up there haha.

The Lord had a message he wanted Samuel to share, so Samuel wasn't going to let him down. He preaches of the destruction of the Nephites unless they repent and he prophesies of the coming of Christ and shares the signs of His coming. Some of the Nephites who were listening were humbled and repented and were baptized, but the majority of the people thought this guy on the wall was nuts and didn't believe what he had to say so they began to throw rocks and arrows at him. However, God protects his prophets and Samuel was not injured because of his faith. The Nephites get even angrier and go up the wall to try to capture him but Samuel jumps off the wall and flees back to his own land.
First, this guy has to be pretty brave to have the guts to go back to a people who rejected him once before. Second, he has to be pretty bold to stand on a wall and preach while people yell and scream and throw things at him that could kill him. Third, his faith and belief in Christ must have been great otherwise why would he put his life in danger if it wasn't true?
This got me thinking, am I as courageous and bold as Samuel the Lamanite when it comes to sharing my religion? Am I willing to put my life on the line for what I believe? Sometimes it can be hard to share what you believe in because of the fear of those who will criticize or mock you, but because of the love I have for my Savior, it doesn't matter, just like it didn't matter to Samuel whether or not he lived or died because at least he was doing what the Lord had asked of him and he couldn't deny what he knew to be true.
Now, for you members, just like Samuel had a wall he stood on we also have some walls we can share the gospel from. Try your facebook wall, for example. I challenge you to post something about the church. It is definitely scary at first, but what if that simple post brightens up someone's day or gets them curious? Also, when you share on this wall think about all of the friends who will be seeing it. Super easy way to share what you love. Another wall might be instagram or twitter. I have never been a tweeter, but someone inspired me to start one so I can share with you MVPs! (I'll get to that in a second) Another way is a blog! I love blogging about what I read because it not only helps me understand the scriptures I am reading a little better but it is an easy way for me to get word out about the Book of Mormon. It can be really hard to read the scripture language at times so I am trying to make it a bit easier for those to understand what this book is about by putting it into clearer language. Also, after another 28 days and 17 hours I will be able to share what the life of a missionary is like! I challenge you to find your wall, your way to share the gospel. There are so many more social media apps and such that I didn't even share that you can use, but find something that works for you! Spread the good word!

Now, like I said earlier I have started my own twitter account where I will be sharing MVPs. MVP stands for Most Valuable Principle. When I was in Seminary (church class during high school) every week we had the opportunity to share an MVP with the class. For those of you who were in seminary with me you know that I LOVED MVP day. What an MVP is is a scripture that you can pull a principle or doctrine or promise out of. For example in the bible we can read in Matthew:

Whosoever therefore shall break on of these least commandments, and shall teach men so, he shall be called the least in the kingdom of heaven: but whosoever shall do and teach them, the same shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven.  

The MVP I would pull from that is IF we keep the commandments and teach others to the same THEN we will be blessed in heaven for it.

Boom, easy way to better understand a scripture and super easy way to apply it to yourself. I don't have time to share all the MVPs I find in the scriptures on this blog, but when I read something in my studies I can just quickly tweet it.

I promise you that as you have the courage to find your wall to stand on and share what you love the Lord will be right beside you to strengthen and protect you. :)

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