Saturday, March 22, 2014

I LOVE the MTC!!!

Hola!!!! I am sooo excited to be writing today! All the Hermanas love looking in the mail and we were all really looking forward to the first email! Just so you know, Pdays for us at the MTC will be on Saturdays.

So... The MTC is very scheduled, and the days are very long, but I can't believe how much I have learned and it has only been a few days! We live on West Campus, which we hear is very relaxed compared to the Main Campus. They trust us alot, like we have three to four hours of class time and usually we are alone for the majority. It gives us time to practice the mission cycle of personal study for an hour, companion study for an hour, and language study for an hour. 

My companion IS THE SWEETEST THING EVER! Her name is Hermana Parslow, she is from Utah, she asks me if I'm alright like 20 times a day haha. She is pretty funny, but she's already forgot or lost her name tag several times so we have to run around campus trying to find it haha. 

Our zone is super small. There are only two districts, ours (which is six hermanas) and then the next district (3 elders, 3 hermanas) and they leave next week! We have gotten super close though. :)

In my district it is me and Hermana Parslow, Hermana Bullock (Canada) and Hermana Powell (Indiana), and Hermana Ramirez and Hermana Wells (both Utah).

I am understanding the spanish very well! We were thrown right in, very rarely do our instructors speak english. (one of the District Training Leaders DLTs is from Oregon, so we clicked and were chatting it up right away haha)

The first day was crazy, we got all signed in, got A TON of books for language, did some language study and then the whole West Campus newbies did some role playing, showing that we need to learn to love the investigator before we can teach them because everyone will want to recieve the message differently. 

The next day Elder Lebron (one of our language teachers, knows very little english), told us that we would be teaching an "investigator" the next day IN SPANISH! We had all day to prepare a lesson and then try to translate it, luckily Hermana Parslow and I seem to already be on the same wavelength so we were coming up with good ideas and cracking eachother up trying to speak. We had an MTC overview, which was a Hermana telling us about all the books we got. We have three red language books (small, medium, large) that we refer to as Charmander, Charmeleon, and Charizard haha!

After dinner we met the branch presidency and they were incredible sweet. 

Next day... Teaching Gabriela... IT WENT REALLY WELL! Of course she took us a TOTALLY different direction from what we had planned to teach her, but I was understanding most of what she was saying and responding alright. She is super nice and friendly. Hermana Parslow just kinda watched me haha she doesn't have any previous spanish knowledge, but she is learning really quickly. 

We finished and then found out we were going to be teaching her again today, so we will see how that goes haha

We had an INCREDIBLE lesson last night from Elder Dolbin (other language teacher). He was telling us about our purpose as missionaries and basically said that our mission isn't to gather the sheep, that's Christ's job, it isn't our mission to heal, that's Christ's job. We need to learn to step aside and let God take over, all we have to do is bring them closer to Christ by sharing the gospel, presenting them the tools, and God will take care of it. We invite, they can choose whether or not they want to be healed by Christ. 

And now it's today, PDay! We have to wake up earlier on PDays than on normal days because we do service in the morning (toilets, yay!) but then we get to go to the temple, so it's perfect!

The MTC is wonderful, I love it! Very hard work, long days, but I've learned sooo much! Just got to remember why I'm here when I'm tired or when the day just drags on and I can keep a smile on my face :)

There is sooo much I could tell you, but I don't have too much time, just know that I am doing great and that there are lots of people looking out for us hermanas!

Love you all!

La iglesia de Jesucristo de los santos de los ultimos dias es verdadera! Yo se que Jesucristo es amorso.

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