Saturday, March 29, 2014

Week #2

Yay! I made it to Sunday! Everyone says that if you can make it to Sunday you are good! Sunday was AMAZING!!! 

We watched this video that they only show at the MTC by Elder Bednar called "Character of Christ" and it was life changing! Basically Christ would turn out when the natural man would turn in and so he talked about how we need to get rid of the "cookie monster" (natural man) in us. 

We also had the "if you aren't here for the right reasons, get out" talk that was really powerful. Stick to your task till its sticks to you!

We finished our lessons with Gabriela this week and they went SOOO WELL! The planning is really hard, and there was one point we had an idea all planned out and then we went to a devotional and I had a huge impression that we needed to change, so we changed the plan and it went PERFECT! She was totally against being baptized, she was afraid she couldn't change and by the last lesson her heart had softened and she was reading el Libro De Mormon, planning to go to general conference (NEXT WEEK BY THE WAY), and she said she would maybe be baptized and she would let us know if she set a date!!!!

We were excited to have finished with an investigator and of course we have a new one now, his name is Benjamin and his first lesson is on Monday. We also had to teach a short lesson to an RM, so we shared the story of the bro of jared and how sometimes all we have to offer God is some rocks, but He makes it worth it (I shared the story in spanish, I was so happy hahaha)

On Thursday we took a trip to the Mexican Consulate to take care of our visas, they had to take pictures and fingerprint us. It was right behind the Bees stadium, so it was a total flash from the past hahaha. 

Gabriela (the old investigator) is actually Sister Bair and she is teaching us now, which she helps us with our pronunciation a TON, really really helpful. We learned how to cope with the stresses of a mission too. This week just FLEW BY!
Hermana Ibarra  and her Companion Hermana Parslow

Hermana Ibarra, Hermana Powell and Hermana Parslow at the Mexican Consulate getting their pictures taken for thier visas. 

Pointing to Puebla!

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