Monday, April 14, 2014

te agredicimos las flores- Thankful for the flowers

This week has been absolutely amazing. 
This week we began to teach our TRC investigator, Leticia, and even though we are teaching her, I have learned so much. Leticia is an older divorced women who became interested in hearing the discussions because she heard that our church is very centered on the family. It's been only a week with her and we have already taught her the first three lessons and she has the desire to be baptized and we have a date set!
We taught her about the gospel of Jesus Christ and how it can help her be with her family forever and she was so sweet and funny, we drew out a staircase to show the "steps" of the gospel and we told her she was on the first, faith, by talking to us and she was like aren't I on the third, I was baptized when I was a baby. We talked to her about infant baptism and she was SO happy! Her family is Catholic and her sister never had the opportunity to be baptized when she was a baby because she was sick so her mom had always thought she was in limbo, so she was so happy to hear that her sister will be ok. We were telling her about the Book of Mormon and she was like it sounds like I need to read it hahaha!
The next lesson is one I will remember for the rest of my life. When we went to visit her on Thursday her door was open, so we poked our heads in and knocked and she was staring out the window and she invited us to come in and look at the flowers. She was just in love with them and we were admiring them for a few moments and then we talked to her and I opened with a prayer. In the prayer I thanked God for the flowers. We taught about the restoration, dispensations, Jose Smith and prayer because the lesson before she had said she wanted us to teach her how to pray. We showed her some scriptures to help answer her questions about prophets, we asked her how she was feeling and she just bore her heart out. She talked about how she always went to school and church growing up and hat to memorize long prayers and how she never really liked it, but when we prayed she loved it. She loved how I prayed for the flowers and she talked about how much she loves nature. She told us that she doesn't always feel that her questions are being answered, but when we teach her she said she feels that the message is important. I couldn't fully understand what she said next, but she was praising us and thanking us for teaching her. She said she wished she could be like us, that we have grown up in the gospel our whole lives and we had great spirits, but that it was too late for her, she was too old to become like us, but then Hermana Parslow gave a great testimony about how we all can change if we have the desire. We taught her how to pray and her prayer was so sweet, she thanked God for the flowers and for the opportunity to be taught by us. She loved it. We love her so much. The next day we walked in and she said she was so happy to see us! We taught her the plan of salvation and how that helps her to return to her family and she just soaked it up. We shared a mormon message with her and she loved it! We asked her if she wanted to continue to follow Christ and be baptized and she said YES! 
Miracles are real. Seeing her excitement about the gospel makes me so happy and reminds me of why I am so grateful for it. Ever since that lesson I thank God for the flowers in every prayer.
As for other things, I play alot of basketball at gym time, I'm getting pretty good hahaha. Hermana Parslow is INCREDIBLE! She has just taken off, she is speaking so much more, there was one point she was recieving revelation to share a scripture we hadn't even talked about and it was AWESOME! She is doing great, she gets super cute packages in the mail all the time from her family and people in her ward. 
Challenge for you guys. Read Mosiah 15. Pay attention to verse 9. One of our teachers shared this with us and made us think about this... what if someone was holding a gun to you and someone jumped right in front of the bullet and saved your life. What would you say to them?  What do you think they would say? What would you do because of that incident? Christ has taken a bullet for us. Think about that and answer those questions. 
Also, ever since being out here I realize that member missionary work is soooooo important, it helps us missionaries out so much. You keep asking if I need anything, and this is all I ask, I challenge you to invite someone to church or to an activity or bring up the gospel in a conversation. Just plant the seed. :)
Love you so much!
 Hermana Ibarra

Hermana Ibarra and Hermana Parslow with the Cardinal.  The Cardinal belonged to Great Grandma Ibarra.  The cardinal will be travelling with Marissa to Mexico and will hopefully appear in many pictures.  

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