Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Una Semana Mas- One Week Left!

Oh my goodness, this week FLEW by sooo fast! Speaking of flying WE GOT OUR TRAVEL PLANS YESTERDAY!!! We were so excited! Our first flight is at 12:45 p.m. and we fly to Houston and then from Houston to Puebla. They said we would be in Puebla around 8:45 p.m. I am the travel leader, so I have to keep track of everyone and call in if we have problems, but hopefully that won't happen haha :)

This week.... Saturday night we had a lesson from Hermano Lebron and he told us his conversion story and it is INCREDIBLE! He was IN GANGS. Shoot at people kind of gangs. One day he was thinking and decided he didn't want to end up in jail so his girlfriend helped set him up with the missionaries. Then he went on a mission and now he is here. True story, he is sooo funny, he talks like a gangster sometimes, but it just goes to show that anyone can change. We never would have known all the stuff he told us about his past because he is such an incredible person. 

Sunday our devotional was the BYU Men's choir performing for us, they were so good! They sang some hymns, of course, but then they sang some pop songs and an African and Zimbabwae song and did a really cool dance, it was so much fun to watch! Before that I had to have an interview with the Stake president for a new temple recommend because mine went through the wash and they couldn't read the barcode at the temple so they just told me to get a new one. oops... haha. Also in sacrament meeting I gave a talk in spanish about repentance. :) After devo we watched the Wilford Woodruff/Salt Lake City video. That is one of my favorites too, so good. 

This week was our last week teaching Leticia, so we are super bummed, but we had an AMAZING week with her! We taught her all the commandments she needs to know about for baptism and she was so sweet and excited to follow them. She was a little worried about coffee and tithing, but she said "my mom always told me that God will put a little pressure on us (as she is demonstrating on a water bottle) but he can never choke us to death, so I'll try" I LOVE her attitude! Then on the last day we went through the interview questions with her so she would know what it would be like and then we showed her the "Because of Him" video WHICH IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN YET YOU NEED TO WATCH IT THEN WATCH IT AGAIN AND THEN ONE MORE TIME AND THEN 5 MORE TIMES! It is INCREDIBLE hahaha! We love that video and have probably seen it a zillion times. It is on Mormon.org, we hear that it is all over facebook, but we wouldn't know hahaha. 

Also this week we got to Skype teach a man from Columbia! That was super cool, it was harder to understand him, but it was a great experience! He is a member and he is getting ready to serve too. 

Hermana Parslow is awesome, as usual. This week we began to but heads a little bit because we both care about our investigators so much that I was sure my way was right and she was sure her way was right, so we had to remember that it is God's lesson, not ours. We had a really good talk and one of the teachers helped us with that issue and we are doing great! 

I am so happy to be a missionary, it is the best feeling in the world! Today is my first month mark whoop whoop haha only 17 more to go! :)
Mexico, here I come!
Love you so much!
Happy Easter!
Remember to watch BECAUSE OF HIM you will love it!

Love, Hermana Ibarra

Not too many weeks ago Marissa had a host to show her the ropes.  Now with only a few days left she is the Host.


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