Tuesday, May 27, 2014

El Libro de Mormon!‏


Este semana fue asombroso!
Sebastian and Alejandro (the other hermanitas investigadore) were both baptized this week, both of their ordinances were super beautiful! Sebastian is really tall, so he had to be baptized twice because hno Julio is shorter than him so he couldn}t get him all the way down the first time haha but Sebastian was so nervous before but afterwards he said he felt great! Both were also confirmed yesterday :)
Cool story about our sacerdote, he read the whole book of mormon! he wanted to attend the baptism as well, but had his own religious meetings to attend so could not. he keeps trying to invite us to his activities so we are going to probably have one more lesson with him and if he continues to try to teach us we are going to drop him, but we were stoked when he said he read the whole book!
We had a special conference with the president this week en meircoles y sabado, pero the one on Meircoles was awesome. he talked all about using the book of mormon to answer questions of the soul and to testify of the bible and visaversa. i really enjoyed the meeting because the book of mormon is literally our religion and is the solution to all of our investigators problems. Cintia was doing awesome, but then read a bunch of stuff about Jose Smith online so now she has doubts and wants to know if el libro de mormon is really true. all of the answers she needs and all of her doubts can be cleared up if she just reads the book of mormon, but we cant force her to read it. also, we have a menos activo named maximo and he loves the catholic church. his wife is a member so we are always over at their house and we are the first missionaries to ever talk to him. one night he was talking to me and i shared my fathers conversion story with him because he was talking about the catholic church. he invited me to check out the catholic church and the spirit straight up told me to share my testimony of the book of mormon so i said something like I know a bit about the Catholic church, my father}s family is catolico. it is a very nice church, but because i know the book of mormon is true i cant change religions and then i shared my testimony and invited him to read the book. 
if any of you have doubts about our religion or want to know for yourself if it is true READ THE BOOK, I BEG YOU. If the book of mormon is true, so is jose smith and so is our church. if not, none of those things are, but you can only find out if you read straight from this marvelous book. My testimony of Jose Smith and El Libro de Mormon has grown so much since I have been here, it is so hard when you know how to help people and they won{t do the work, but i pray for them everyday. When they do do the work, miracles happen.
One sad note, our new family that we thought was totally golden we had to drop... We went to visit them this week and we couldn{t even get a word in. When we tried to share our testimony or a scripture she would inturrupt and she pretty much slammed the door in our faces, i was heart broken because they were sooooo humble before, we have no idea what happened. 
Some fun news, the night before the baptism we had to empty the font. They use the same water for 5ish baptisms and then they change the water. Because the font doesn{t have a drain we had to take bucket after bucket of water and dump it all in the toilets hahaha. we were soaked afterwards and our backs hurt but the whole time we chanted its for sebastian, its for sebastian hahaha
Another funny story they feed you sooooo much here and it his hard at times for hna lowe and i to finish everything. one afternoon we were finishing up the dessert and so i grabbed my libro de mormon to share a scripture. i felt prompted to share one about how with faith anything is possible, so i returned to the table and hna lowe was having trouble finishing her food and so of course our companions began to chant her name and she was saying she couldnt, she couldnt. well, funny me thought it was a coincidence that my scripture i had planned on sharing was perfect for this moment so i shared it and everyone busted out laughing and hna lowe finished her plate. well, i still had a little left too so they all started saying yeah hna ibarra, wheres your faith so i said i had none hahaha and we all had a good laugh.
Good news about the mouth, the doctor said i could stay for a while longer, but he is putting me back on my vitamins, but asking me to take more than prescribed, plus 600mg of ibiprophen (ingles es dificil haha) 4 times a day, which is 12 ibiprophen! when i told the other missionaries the news they were like you are going to kill your kidneys hahaha i started back up on my stuff yesterday and felt a little funny taking it all so they were making fun of me saying i was acting silly, maybe i was idk hahaha
Anyways, love you all, i pray for you always!
love, Hermana Ibarra

Making tortillas!


The District
The Hermanas and one of their new Converts

Emptying the font and refilling it for Sebastian and Alejandro's Baptism
Alejandro and Sebastian's Baptism!

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