Tuesday, May 6, 2014


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Fwd: MEXICO!!!!!!

Hola Familia y Amigos!!!
I have so much to tell, but so little time!!! Plus the computers here are a little slow haha.
Sunday was our last day in the MTC, so it was a bitter sweet day. I asked one of the Elders for a blessing and it was super sweet, but the main thng I remember is that he said it was going to be hard... He was right...
Now for the AWESOME, the bad, and the super sad. First... I LOVE MEXICO!!! Monday we traveled all day and I startd to nt feel good in  my throat, but it was ok. We contacted a few people in the airports, there was one lady who was hilarious and crazy, but that is a story for another day because Im sure you want to hear all about MEXICO!!! Tuesday we spent the morning with the pres and his wife then we went to cambios (when everyone gets new areas/companions). My companions name is hermana lopez and she is from guatamala. she has only been here for 3 months and she is already training, she is INCREDIBLE! i want her to be my companion for forever i love her so much haha! the area we were assigned is called Almaluca Este. it is pretty much as far east from puebla as you can get, 3 hours! the seca we are in is called Serdan, but let me tell you a lttle about Puebla first. it is crazy! the traffic signals/signs are merely suggestions and people walk in between traffic to try to sell you stuff. there are lots of dogs, the people here sell them like hot cakes haha. Serdan is very different. in Serdan you have stone roads and the houses and markets are minged together. most people have their store facing the street and then you go through another door to get to their actual home, they are attached. lots of stray dogs here, lots of adorable markets and shops, president christensen says this is the real mexico.
Some fun/interesting things. Every morning the gas truck drives around blasting super cheasy music like an icecream truck so people know to bring their canasters out. in serdan it is warn during the day and cooler in the nights.
ok, so after cambios hna lopez and 4 other elders got on the bus and headed out to serdan. one of the elders told me i need besar un cabra por del don del lenguas, which translated is i need to kiss a goat for the gift of tongues haha! wednesday and thursday we worked. friday we traveled back to puebla for interviews and then back home. during these times my throat started to get worse and worse so the district took me to the hospital in serdan after we got back and it turned out that i had not only inflamation in my throat, but also my ear, so the doctor said i could either be cured by injection or medicine, you can probably guess which i picked hahaha! don´t worry, i am much better now, one of the members, super adorable old lady, gave me lemons to suck on when it first started to hurt haha.
ok, ill start with the awesome stuff. we have 2 baptisms this month! Victoria is a 9 year old, her parents were inactive but are coming back and so she is going to be baptized. one problem though, her dad isn´t sure if she is ready, so we have to try to persuade him to believing that she is. next is Sebastian, 17 year old who is pretty much the perfect investigator. 
Some sad news, one lady in the wards dad passed away and she was having a hard time so she asked the missionaries to come to the funeral. it was the saddest thing i have ever seen. their was a priest blessing the tomb and people were bawling, i dont even know them and i was so sad for them. also other sad news, i met two people this week whose husbands are currently being unfaithful or who are being abusive. my heart breaks every day here because so much is going on.
ok, funny story. we contacted this adorable old man who was eager to set an appointment. two days later we go to visit him and we walk in his home and he is sitting at a table with a bible and their our 3 other people with bibles there. HE WAS A SACERDOCIO FOR THE CATHOLIC CHURCH. we were going to leave but he wanted us to stay so we did and he started asking a bunch of questions and then 8 more people walk in! of course i hardly speak the language, so hrn lopez is trying to answer his questions and you can feel the tension starting to rise. then in my head i clearly hear "tell them your purpose as missionaries" so i somehow got them to stop talking and i told them our purpose, i asked them if they thought it was important to be baptised like jesus, i bore my testimony, and i invited them to read the book of mormon and pray about it because it would be the only way they would find the truth. I STARTED CRYING, i don´t know why, but i did, and i have never been so happy to not know the language because they were all forced to stop talking and they had to listen to me hahahahahaha
anyway, HE ASKED US TO COME BACK. hahahahaha! i love this man ahaha i am praying for a miracle because if he were to convert who knows how many others would follow! 
i also bore my testimony at church, well, at least i tried haha. i did have some people come up to me later to tell me they thought my spanish sounded really good for only being their 6 days hahaha
yes, it is hard work, but i am understanding alright. the members are hilarious, they also love to sing but are so terrible hahaha 
cinco de mayo was crazy fun, they had tons of markets and such 
i love the work! the planning sessions with all the missionaries are hard because everyone is talking and i cant understand everything, but i just have to be patient and i know it will come. also the members tease me relentlessly because i can´t eat as much as everyone else and they try to trip me up in the language hahaha but i love them  
love you all, hope you had a great week!
love hermana ibarra

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