Monday, June 30, 2014

3 months down!‏

Week 14
Area- Serdan
Companion- Hermana Lopez

Hola Familia!

Ok, I have to tell you what happened today, because it was too funny. Today is the first Mexico futbol game so everyone in their stores had the game on and their weren´t alot of people in the streets because everyone is watching the game. Also, they have this huge screen in the middle of the park here and tons of people are watching the game. You should have heard and seen everyone when Mexico got the first goal, it was insane hahaha Then we were walking to write and we heard a tv cheer and we were like was it us or croatia and then we here someone yell GOOOOOAAAAL from around the corner hahahaha the go NUTS over their soccer.
Anyway, to this week. Yes, Victoria has a baptismal date, but we couldn´t meet with her at all this week because everyday we tried she wasnt home and she didnt go to church. She is excited, we just have to work on the parents. She has permission, but her parents are menos activos, so we have to get them to be a bit more excited.
We got 3 more fechas de bautismo this week!!!! The first 2 are Monika and Gustavo, the parents of Selene!!!! Gustavo was baptized like 20 years ago, but the church lost his records so he has to be baptized again, plus he has some issues with drinking, so we have to work on that. Monika is golden, she isn´t a member but she has a true desire to be baptized, the only problem is her divorce papers, she has 2 more months until they are finished (if nothing goes wrong) so they both have a date for september. The next is Juan Pablo, he is pretty much the Mexican version of Clarke hahaha. His girlfriend is a menos activo and he has no fears of being baptized if he knows its true, we just have to get him to church...
Glad to hear that everyone is keeping busy! Love you so much! I am trying to send pics, but the computers are lame sometimes.
One last thing. I read this AWESOME talk from general conference priesthood session called "the priesthood man" by elder eyring that you NEED to read, i loved it so much. it talks about baseball, so the boys will like it hahaha
Love you so much
hna ibarra

Basketball with the Hermanas.

Marissa and Naaxeli

Marissa with Selene on her Baptism Day and her sister Monika .

Hermana Lopez, Selene, Selene's Grandpa and Marissa on Selene's Baptism Day.

Hermana Lopez and Hermana Ibarra on the top of a hill overlooking Serdan.

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