Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Week 12
Area- Serdan
Companion- Hermana Lopez

Pues, este semana es cambios, pero no se preocupan porque I am still in Serdan for another transfer because I need to finish my training, but the other two hermanas are closing their area and both transfering, along with our district leader, so we are headed to Puebla tomorrow for those.
This week was insanely quick and crazy! We had our Hawaii activity this week which was sooo much work, but soooo fun!
What happened was when people arrived we took them to the "airplane" and we had this sweet video of a flight instruction and take off. After the video they landed in Hawaii and we took them to another room which had a huuuuge mural that Sebastian drew for us, it was incredible, i will try to attach a picture. After an hour or so of games and dancing and lots of screaming children we took them back to the plane to head home, but in the second video there was a storm and they crashed and everyone died. Then we took everyone to different rooms and explained each kingdom of Heaven, we had a room for each reino, it was sooo great! After the lessons we had hawaiian haystacks and the mujeres jovenes performed a hawaiian dance. This was suuuuch a great activity because it brought us and the members much closer because we needed their help for much of the things and it was great for our work, all but one of our progressing investigators came!
Speaking of progressing investigators, we have a baptism this week for Selene, our 9 year old golden girl! Please pray for her and her family. Tambien, we have another 9 year old, Victoria, who was supposed to be baptized 3 weeks ago, but her father and step father both don´t want her to be baptized. we have a new date in Julio for her, but if you could keep her in your prayers please do, she wants to be baptized, just needs permission so we are going to work with her family almost every day until her baptism.
Funny story and miracle story about Hawaii, I was in the kitchen with Hna Fonseca the whole time making the hawaiian haystacks and we had prepared food for about 150 200 people and we had at least 250 show up, so there was no way we were going to have enough food, so we said a prayer that we would have enough and what ended up happening was that we had EXTRA! This was seriously a miracle, it was incredible, God really loves his children. So, we had a bunch of extra pineapple left over so Elder Rodriquez said to me we could just serve it in cups out of our tiki hut, so we thought that was an awesome idea. not. hahaha. I have never been so terrified of children, once I handed out one cup, all these kids swarmed the hut "PIIIIIIIIIÑÑÑÑÑÑÑÑAAAAAAA!!!!" oh my goodness hahahaha they were tooo funny!
So this week the inside of my mouth was pretty much perfect, no joke! The Lord loves his missionaries and takes greate care of them, I believe I am on the mend! 
Love you all so much! 
Please read these scriptures, they helped me soooo much this week. we talked about this alot with our members, if you have a weapon, something holding you back, let it go, remember Christ. We all have weapons to lay down and thanks to the Atonement we can all be better and better everyday!
Mosiah 27:25-26 marvel not that all mankind must be born again, changed from carnal and fallen to righteousness, being REDEEMED, becoming SONS and DAUGHTERS of God, new creatures
Alma 23:6-7 You will NEVER fall away if you remember Christ and believe him. Lay down your weapons of war
Enos 1:26I am rejoicing in this work about that of the world

Hawaiian Activity at Church

The District!

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