Tuesday, June 17, 2014

First Cambio Down!‏

Hola Familia y amigos en el campo!
Thes was another miracle week. I need to start by thanking you for your prayers for Victoria because this week when we went to visit her dad was home, which is a miracle because he is ALWAYS working. Next thing was that we had planned to talk about the word of wisdom with her and it was perfect because her dad has some issues with that. Then we talked about her baptism and we talked about her goals and new date. Victoria shared her feelings and we bore our testimonies about how we knew that this was a date from God and that with God we knew she would be ready for this date. After some thought HER DAD SAID YES!!!! God has seriously watched over this family. it was interesting because we went on divisions earlier in the week and we had planned for me to teach the word of wisdom to victoria but I felt like we should speak on something else and now I see that that was right because her dad needed to hear the lesson on the word of wisdom too. 
Next, Selene had her baptism yesterday! She was so beautiful in her white dress and soooo happy and excited the whole week. Since we had a baptism that means we had to empty the font again hahaha I taught Hna Lopez and Hno Zenif (mission leader) cubata in english so whenever we passed the buckets they would say "GREEN BUCKET" "ORANGE BUCKET" "GREY BUCKET" haha I love it when they speak english :)
Other great news, Sebastian blessed the sacrament this week, we have 2 new investigators and we have new missionaries because we had cambios! We were really sad to see Hna Lowe, Hna Fonseca and Elder Jimenez go, but we have some great new missionaries. Elder Gallegos is our new District Leader and Hna Vergada and Hna Wolfely are our new sisters. Hna Wolfley is a brand new american, so Im not the baby anymore. I was really excited because she was the only new american sister in this cambio (the president loves to train people in Serdan so I was hoping we would get her)
I think I mad huge bounds with my spanish this week. Hna Rossainz yesterday was saying how she loved to talk with me because I actually understand hahaha Everyone is convinced that I am going to train haha because they all think my spanish is really good and I understand everything haha. This is not true, but I do understand a whoooole lot more. Also, if I don´t train this next cambio we are thinking the president will probably close the area to send more people to be trained, so everyone wants me to be a trainer so we don´t have to close again.
Love you all soooo much! I pray for you everyday!
Love Hna Ibarra

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