Monday, June 30, 2014


Week 15
Area- Serdan
Companion- Hermana Lopez

Dear family and friends,
We started the week of great with a reunion with the president in Puebla. We learned alot of new great things and sister christensen made us an awesome dinner. The president sat with us and hna Lopez asked him what he thought made a good boyfriend haha and this is what he said (this is for you Sarah and for you boys so you know what you need to do haha)
1. Have compassion for all people
2. Work hard
3. Have faith in Jesus Christ
4. Serve in the church
5. See how he treats his mother
I thought this was PERFECT and so true, I have alot to learn from him. I absolutely love the president, he is so positive and is like a grandpa, everyone loves him and the loves the work
I want to talk about mission life a little bit. Everyone always talks about how missionaries are so happy all the time and how its the best time of their lives and they are totally right, but it also comes with alot of depression, because you have the weight of souls on your backs. I have a confession.... I am a perfectionist (shocking right..) and alot of the time I place high demands on myself, which is good unless it drives youto always feeling like you are failing, which I have done pretty much my whole life. I always KNEW that it wasn´t healthy to be doing it to myself, but I didn´t FEEL it. I felt like if I wasnt perfect in something or completely obedient I didn´t deserve praise or blessings or even love. I placed an invisible responsibility on myself to be a perfect example because I was afraid if someone saw me mess up they might follow my bad example or i might give my religion or family a bad name, so when i messed up I would really beat myself up over it. Whenever I would be with someone and I would make a mistake it would surprise me when they would still want to be around me. As I have been on the mission I have realized that it is because we are all imperfect that we still hang around eachother, that we can forgive and start over. I have learned that to be truely "perfect", more like Christ, I need to realize that I am not perfect and be patient with myself and do the same with others. It is reallyhard at times especially when you know that this gospel can change your investigators or menos activos lives forever and they don´t do anything. You begin to wonder if you did enough and it can be really destructive if you don´t have patience with yourself and with everyone, but when I think about christ and place myself in my investigators shoes it is easier to have patience and love for them and it is easier to find what they really need. Since being on the mission I have been stripped of so much pride and I am experiencing a happiness I have never before felt because I finally am understanding how to be patient with myself and with others as Christ does. 
I read this fantastic talk in this months Liahona that I encourage you all to read about perfectionism. It spoke directly to me. I can honestly say that yes, i faced alot of depression at the beginning of my mission and I know i probably will face more, but i finally FEEL like I deserve love, even if I mess up and I know that through Christ I can be better and better everyday andbecause of Christ i don´t need to be perfect. 
Wehave a baptism this week for Donovan, 8 years old. Please keep him and his familyin your prayers.
Love you all so much! Remember who you are and what you stand for, make good choices, Jesus loves you! ;)
con amor, hna ibarra

The feet of a hard working Missionary.  Gross, she needs a better tan.

Marissa and Ricardo.  He wanted to be on her blog.  He jokes he will marry her one day.

Coordination meeting.  Hermana Ibarra, Hermana Lopez and two new Hermanas.

Elder Gallegos playing with his Book of Mormon Action Heroes.  

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  1. It's not a joke! I really want to marry her. (ok, yeah, I'm just kidding) Sister Ibarra is a very pretty girl, so funny, so lovely and so spiritual. I really admire her. & it's true, I'm in love, cuz She inspire me to serve in a mision!