Monday, July 21, 2014


Week- 17
Area- Serdan
Companion- Hermana Lopez

Dear family and friends!
Yes, it is true I AM GOING TO TRAIN IN SERDAN!!! in the mission when someone is going to train they say we are pregnant, so sorry if I scared anyone hahaha.   When we got the call we were squealing like little girls hahaha I am very excited to be staying in Serdan for 3 more months. I cant believe that after only 12 weeks the president and the lord have enough faith in me to train a new missionary, i am a little freaked out at times because i still dont understand everything, but i know that with the Lord all things are possible! Elder Gallegos is also going to train so our whole district will have trainers-trainees. Tomorrow we have cambios, hna lopez is not happy because she feels like she is leaving home because she has been in Serdan for 6 months and we both bawled our eyes out in companionship inventory, but we know that changes are good and that we will learn alot from them.
This week we had some pretty incredible experiences. First, every doubt or question or worry I had about training the president addressed in our training meeting. Next, we got 5 new investigators this week! First one is Rudolf. We began teaching music lessons this week in an attempt to get more investigators because no one is comng to english classes anymore haha and Ricardo made a facebook post and Rudolf, a 17 year old boy came and was super nice! Next is Jorge. His wife was a reference from one of the members, but she was sick so we taught her husband who is suuuuper curious and is searching diligently for the truth. He has read the bible 5 tmes and we feel he is a little aethist but he was super ready to find answers and to read the book of mormon so i am really excited about him. Next, saturday morning we were walking down the street and we hear someone call to us to wait. We turn around and approach the two ladies who called to us and they tell us that we had contacted them a few days ago, gave them a little card with our number and had told them if they needed anything we could help. We told them that was right and they said we need your help and the mom started to cry. we followed them to thier house and they told us their situation and we shared a message with them. They were super receptive and we invited them to come to church so we could talk with the bishop about their situation and we have another appointment set with them. Our very next appointment was with another contact who said we could visit and we walked in, sat down, and she started to cry. She told us of her 6 year old son who was born with extra water in his brain so he cant do anything for himself and how hard it is for her at times. She told us how at times she felt it was her fault somehow for his disablilities so we talked about the love of God and the healing power of the priesthood. We have another date with her too!
It is amazing how the lord prepares his children to hear our message and how he has also prepared me and every past experience I have had helps me to understand our investigators more or testify with more power. I love how beautiful and simple the gospel is and how much peace it can bring us. We watched "the testaments" yesterday and i was reminded of the power of repentance and how grateful i am for the opportunity to become better each and every day.
Love you all so much!
Please pray for me and my new companion! love you so much!
hna ibarra

Service for an Investigator

The District-  Elder Gallegos, Elder Rodriguez, Elder Dalle , Elder Tirado
Hermana Ibarra, Hermana Lopez, Hermana Wolfely and Hermana Vergara.
The Hermanas made breakfast for the District for Elder Dalle and Elder Rodriguez going home farewell.

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