Monday, July 28, 2014

Training week 1‏

Area- Serdan
Companion- Hermana Herrera

Dear Family and Friends!
Where do I start???
Well, we had cambios on Tuesday and my new companion is Hna Herrera. She is from Monterey and is 21 years old and is SUPER PODEROSA! Hna Lopez is in Loma Florida which is in Tlaxcala with Hna Ramirez, who was in my district in the MTC!
Anyway, Hna Herrera is super sweet, loves to give hugs, and is super obedient and excited for the work. I have no doubt we will work miracles together because already after only a week we hae set 2 more baptismal dates and we contacted 124 people!
so our miracle contacts from the week before became more of a miracle. Juana and Humberto were one of them and they now have baptismal dates. In the beginning Huberto was skeptical and had some questions, but the spirit was so strong and eventually he sat down, started nodding his head, and now they have dates! He is afraid of choosing religion because he has never had just one before, so keep them in your prayers.
The other miracle contact is a little interesting. Originally we contacted a mother and daughter, but when we went to visit for the second time the brother answered and had told us that the mom and sister had left for Puebla and probably weren´t coming back because of some financial issues and that he stayed behind to try to settle the afairs of the house. I explained that we had been by and had talked with them a little bit about that and we invited him to church to talk to the bishop so we could help them come up with a solution and he agreed. Well, he came to church and sat through the meeting and we were both thinking that he was going to want to rush up after the prayer to ask the bishop for money but when the prayer ended he just sat there. Hna Herrera asked him how he felt and he said he had felt something, he had felt more calm in this church than in his
Catholic Church. He told us he thought the reunion was excellent and he loved the testimonies. He told us then that he felt guilty for his initial motive to just talk to the bishop and said he didn´t need money, maybe just some help. We talked to him for a long time, gave him a tour of the church and gave the first lesson in front of the Jose Smith picture. He was just absorbing everything and told us he definately wante4d to come back for a second visit with his family. We talked to the bishop and we are going to try to help him sell his house. He was so sweet, when we started the interview he explained his situation, but then said "on a different subject I want to tell you what I felt here..."
I have a rock solid testimony of the power of church attendance and the spirit we can feel there. WE also had Rudolf come, our music student, with Ricardo, and after 3 hours he found us with Ricardo and we asked him if he had liked the meetings and pamphlet of the restoration and he said yes and we have an actual lesson appointment with him now. Sometimes, scratch that, almost everytime all an investigator needs is to feel loved and the best way to do that is through church and activities. Rudolf didn´t start his journey by having curiosity in the church, he wanted to learn music, and so we taught music and he eventually became interested. Domingo was interested in selling his house and we showed enough care in his situation that he was willing to try a meeting. 
Always remember that CHARITY NEVER FAILETH. invite your friends to activities, to church, or just start by loving them. Eventually they just might surprise you with curiosity in the church one day. By small and simple things great things are brought to pass
love you all sooooo much and miss you!
hna ibarra

Marissa with her new greenie companion Hermana Herrera

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