Monday, July 21, 2014

Wish I had better news‏

Area- Serdan
Companion- Hermana Lopez

Dear Family and Friends
Well, this week was the best and worst week ever haha
Ill start with the bad. First, we didnt have the baptism for Victoria and we won´t for quite a while because we need to work with Fernanda, her less active mother, because she doesnt have a testimony of the church. She believes the Catholic church and our church are the same and she feels the spirit in the Catholic church so she is starting Victoria in the first communion because that is what she feels is best for her. I seriously wanted to cry, but we didn´t let depress us, we just need to focus our attention on Fernanda because Victoria wants to be baptized and that was what broke our hearts.
Next, I was debating on whether or not to tell you, but I was sick most of the week and I was told that I have an infection in my stomach. Dont worry , im fine now, just one day my throat was dry, the next I had no voice and a stuffy nose abd the next all of the above and my stomach felt like a rock. Saturday morning we stayed in the house and I tried to sleep because my stomach hurt sooo bad. Dont worry, i dont have pain now, i just cant eat anything spicy or with milk for a week, which eliminates everything of the Mexican menu haha but im good ;) all the members were really concerned about me haha so you dont need to be. the only thing that is lasting is that i havent had a full voice for almost a week. 
there were some other unfortunate happenings this week, but i want to talk about the good stuff now because although in many ways many sad things happened i loved this week too for many reasons.
First, we had splits with the sister training leaders. This is my last week of training with hna lopez so this was kinda like the test to see if i am ready to train or not, because we have a TON of new sisters coming in. I was here in Serdan with Hna Martinez, the same sister i did splits with the first time and i had such a great time with her! She told me (as well as Hna Corral to Hna Lopez) that they think we are the most powerful sister companionship because we get along really well, have baptisms, and teach with power. At the end of the day she told me that she loves how I teach and thinks i am ready to train, so everyone is convinced i am going to train, but we will find out this week! We are really sad that we have to be split apart because we laugh so much together and work really hard, but we know that the Lord has other plans for us
During our splits we taught one of our investigators who is an eternal investigator haha she has been meeting with the missionaries for almost a year now, she is active in her church attendance she just couldnt be baptized because her future husband (less active) was waiting on divorce papers but they are FINALLY finished so she can be baptized as soon as she gets married. Well, she wants to get married but Juan isnt to eager to right away, so they are kinda just doping around so we decided we needed to kick her in the pants a little and teach her the importance of baptism in her salvation. I read 2 nephi 9 23 and 24 to her, which pretty much says you need to repent and be baptized in order to be saved or be damned and it was PERFECT. After she read it and I asked her what she thought she was like "i need to be baptized" and i asked what she was ready to do and she said "talk to juan" haha. We were just straight up with her and told her she cant live with her family forever if she doesn´t do this covenant and she really understood. I love how simple and clear the gospel is we just need to be bold enough to share it. I was really proud of myself because at the beginning of my mission i9 would have never have shared a scripture like that because i was afraid, but its the doctrine, its the truth, we have to share this message with our friends if we really truely love them.
Love you all so much! 

Les Amo Muchisimo!
hna ibarra

Basketball on P-Day

Service for Hermana Rosainz

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