Sunday, August 10, 2014

Cambio de Milagros‏ (Changing Miracles)

Companion- Hermana Herrera
Area- Serdan

Dear Family and Friends,
I learned many valuable things this week and I wish I could adequately express my feelings and thoughts, but I will try my best.
I feel like the people in Alma 1 who were dealing with many afflictions but were still able to find continual peace admist everything they were going through and like Enos I am rejoicing in this work above that of the world and I know I will see my Savior one day. I know right now Satan is really trying to work on me and discourage me through my mouth, because it wasn´t too much better this week, but I know its beause we are starting to work miracles. We have 7 baptismal dates. We are contacting double the people we were just a month ago. In the space of 3 weeks we found more new investigators then were in our folder. NOt only that, our investigators with baptismal dates are INCREDIBLE! They are reading the Book of Mormon for themselves, asking us great questions and they have true disires to change their lives and find their potential. 
We have a baptism date this week for Nohemi Quinto, Donovans mom, but we arent 100% sure it is going to happen because she needs to be married to Juan first and he doesnt want to get married any time soon. We fasted yesterday with Nohemi and we are going to fast again on Thursday and pray for a miracle that hi heart will be softened. We begged the members in our corrdination meeting for help with them, so we are hoping if she is not baptized this week, hopefully sometime in the month. Thank you for all your prayers and emails! I love you so much! I dont know how the time is going for you, but I cant believe that ive been our in the field for almost 5 months! the time flies! I just hope that hna herrera and and I through the power of God can realize all of our baptismal dates. 
Always remember that the blessings you recieve are dependant on your obedience and your desires. This scripture helped me alot this week. I hope it will help you in yours too :) DC 6:32-37
I want to share my testimony that I KNOW this church, the church of jesus christ of latter day saints, is the only true church on the earth today because we have the priesthood and authority of God. I am so grateful for prayer and scriptures so I can recieve personal revelation, revelation for our investigators, and so I can find peace and joy in the journey. The mission is the best thing that has ever happened to me.
con amor, hna ibarra

Marissa with her new companion Hermana Herrera. ( The cardinal belonged to Great Grandma Ibarra.  We sent it with Marissa so it could travel to new places like Flat Stanley)

I don't know what it is she cooked but it kind of looks like an egg scramble

Family Night with a less active family.  They had a lesson on Family History and then they drew pictures of their family trees.

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