Monday, September 8, 2014

Busy Week

Week- 21
Area- Serdan
Companion- Hermana Herrera

Querido Familia,
Well, this week was a blur, it went by so fast hahaha
Ill start with the bad news... Rudlofs parents arent receptive at all to believing that God has established a church on earth and when we asked Rudolf to share his testimony with his parents he said he had doubts. We KNOW he has a testimony because he told us before and we can see it every time we have a lesson, but he is scared of his parents so we wont be teaching them much more. As sad as it is, we know he as a testimony, so both hna herrera and I have plans to continue to communicate with him and we have faith that maybe how isnt his time, but he will accept it later.
AWESOME NEWS, JUANA CAME TO CHURCH!!! I dont remember if I told you about her story, so ill tell you again haha. One day Hna Lopez and I were contacting and we talked to a women named Juana Hernandez outside her house.She told us we could come by later that week and we did. The second we sat down in her house and began to speak to her she began to cry. She told us about her 6 year old son Juanito, who has an excess of water in his brain so he cant walk or think for himself. She told us how she somehow thought it was her fault and life was hard at times with his condition. We shared the message of eternal families, Jesus Christ, and the healing power of the priesthood and she invited us to come back. We had cambios and so hna Herrera and I began the lessons with her.During the first lesson her husband Humberto walked in and wasnt buying our message so walked out. We continued to teach and we heard him behind the door listening. Eventually he came in, sat down, and at the end of the lesson he was feeling confident with us. WE have been teaching them at least two times a week every week and they are AWESOME! Juana loves to read the Book of MOrmon and always reads her homework. The other day they were telling us about a discussion she had with her father, the founder of a christian church here in Serdan, and she was using the Book of MOrmon to defend the church! She truely has a testimony of it and is very receptive to all our lessons, as well as Humberto. Humberto has fears about choosing religion because he is scared if he picks the worng one God will punish him double, but he loves talking to us, he loves reading the pamphlets we give him and is very receptive. This week we taught the word of wisdom because a week before we saw him smoking witha friend and when we began to share the message he stopped us and said  "your sharing this because you saw me smoking the other day!"hahaha but we were super excited when he said he could stop and that he wants to live the word of wisdom. Yesterday was Juanas first time at chruch and Humberto told us he would come with her this next week, so we are super excited for them and their baptism in October! Another funny story with them, we had intercambios this week, so I was in Puebla, but Hna Herrera told me that they walked by their house and Humberto saw them and when we were in the lesson with them the next day Juana told us "yeah, my husband saw hna herrera with another mexican and was like Donde esta la guerra?" hahahaha We reassured them that we both would be here for at least another 2 months. Humberto doesnt really know our names, he just calls us the Guerra and Morenita hahaha 
Speaking of intercambios, I was in the city for the day training with hna corral and I felt like I was in a different world being back in the city haha so when I come home in a year I just might have a heart attack hahaha
love you all so much!
con amor, Hna Ibarra

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