Monday, September 8, 2014


Week- 22
Area- Serdan
Companion-  Hermana Herrera

Dear Family,
This week, like most others, was very quick, I have so much I want to say, but little time! ahhh
We started off the week with a sheet of paper given to us by our ward mission leader with everyone in the ward who wasnt baptized and after two days of searching for everyone we found one family that was very sweet and we have another appointment with them tonight. Most of the directions were old or non existand haha but we were happy that we found at least one
Also, we found another new investigator named Elsa. We were walking and said hello to her and kept walking. Well, she also had a little baby with her who tried to talk to us as we walked away, so we turned around and had a conversation with her and the baby and she said we could come visit her the next day. Turns out, she is Juan Pablos mom and she is the sweetest thing ever! she told us that she had seen us talking to Juan Pablo before and had always seen us walking around and had hoped that one day we would talk to her. We have another lesson with her and Juan Pablo tomorrow. We miraculously found Juan Pablo a few weeks ago and he told us his new schedule and now especially because we will be teaching his mom too we think this time they will both progress :)
SUPER DUPER EXCITING NEWS, NOHEMI HAS A NEW BAPTISM DATE BECAUSE SHE IS DUMPING JUAN!!!!!! We are super confident that she will be baptized this time, just keep her in your prayers, she is going through a pretty rough time right now.
We were really excited to have 4 investigators at church yesterday! The usual Nohemi, Monika and Gustavo were there ( all have baptism dates in the beginning of next month) and Victor also came, we were SHOCKED but so happy. This week we talked with him about the 10 commandments, especially about putting God first and keeping the Sabbath day holy because he wasnt attending church because he has soccer games on Sunday. We were so happy when he walked into the chapel, even with his uniform on haha he told us his game had finished early so he ran over haha. We are really happy that he is beginning to understand the importance of what we are teaching him! 
We are hoping for many baptims this next cambio, so please keep Monika, Gustavo, Nohemi, Victor, Juana and Humberto in your prayers :)
Love you all so much!
Other exciting news, Sebas baptized one of the sisters investigators on Friday, it is soooo awesome to see how he is helping others come unto christ after his conversion
love you, have a great week!
Con Amor, Hna Ibarra

Having a little snack!

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