Monday, September 8, 2014

The flood at Carlos B Zetina‏

Week 23
Area- Serdan
Companion- Hermana Herrera

This week was very interesting to say the least hahahaha
Today and pretty much the past two weeks have been nuts because of the fair, but today is a day for the patron of Serdan, so it is especially crazy with tiangis everywhere.
So you are probably curious about the title.... The other day we found some water underneath our sink and we were like why is their so much water? We found that their was some water dripping from one of the pipes, so I grabbed a towel so we could put it around the pipe... Well, I barely touched the pipe and it exploded and tons of water came shooting out onto my face, so of course I screamed. Hna Herrera came running around the corner and I was like WHAT DO WE DO and so we grabbed a towel and tried to plug up the whole when the other pipe broke. I was running around frantically trying to move stuff around so they wouldnt get damaged and hna herrera was cracking up, she couldnt stop laughing. We told our landlord and he shut the water off and we bought new parts and all is well now. We were soaked and Hna Herrera was laughing and telling everyone and their dog here how I flipped out hahahaha It was pretty funny hahaha
I dont know if I have ever told you alot about hna herrera, but lets just say she is the funniest thing ever. I love her so much, I feel like she is teaching me more than I am teaching her at times.
We found 7 new investigators this week!!! We are really pumped, especially because one is an old investigator we found in our folder that said he was ready for baptism, just couldnt at the time because he was under age and his mom didnt want him to be baptized, so we found him and he is AWESOME!
Please keep Nohemi in your prayers, her baptism date is for the next week, so we are hoping all goes well and she is baptized!
We had a stake conference this weekend and they talked alot alot alot about how families need to be preparing their children for their missions and stressing the importance of family home evening and family history work, so I am going to issue this challenge to you! I can promise you as a representative of Jesus Christ that you will see miracles through family home evening and searching for our ancestors. Please try, I know it is hard with your schedules, but remember that God is always first and he has promised blessing for you as you keep the commandments
Love you all so much!
con amor, hna ibarra

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