Monday, September 22, 2014

We like to party!‏

Week- 26
Area- Serdan
Companion- Hermana Herrera

Querido familia,
I have been thinking quite a bit about how important it is to leave something behind with our investigators. Really, as missionaries, we aren't a huge part of their lives, we teach them once, twice, maybe three times a week and if we don't invite them to do anything or if they don't have a friend who is consistently speaking with them, they won't do anything between visits and their testimonies can't grow. It is frustrating at times when you are with these wonderful people and they are crying and so touched by the spirit with us, but then don't always act. This week we worked really hard on leaving someone or something behind with our investigators so they would be motivated to study and attend church on their own, because as missionaries we can only show them the way. They must grow their own testimony. If we don't invite our loved ones to repent, they probably won't do it on their own. Because I love you, and because I am a missionary, I am going to invite you all to repentance, it is one of the most beautiful experiences you can have in this life. I pray everyday that you are all living the gospel, being completely obedient, but I need to act too and invite you to change your lives so you can recieve all that the Father wants to give you. 
If you aren't reading the Book of Mormon, READ IT. It will literally heal you. We have one investigator who suffers from terrifying nightmares and another from anxiety and when they read the book of mormon they don't have their symptoms. 
If you aren't having family home evening, HAVE IT. The only other place that can have the same spirit as the temple is in the home. We have the promise that if our home is founded upon the rock of the gospel Satan will not affect us. 
You are all a light to the world, remember the covenant you made with your father in heaven at baptism, to be a witness of God at ALL times and in ALL things and in ALL placesand that if you believe all things, see that you DO them. 
I hope that by being here in the mission you are experiencing as many miracles as I am, through your obedience and faith to act. In order to be truely converted we will have to go through some rough paths and have enough faith to take a step into the darkness, but when we do take that step the light will always appear and the blessings will come. 
I invite you all to ask yourselves, like Alma asks in Alma 5, if you really can see Gods countenance in yourselves or if there are some things you need to change. If you really truely love God, you will keep ALL his commandments and you will always put him first. 
This week I realized just how much I love being a missionary! At the beginning of the week we had a multi zone conference with the president were we practiced listening, reflecting, and asking questions to help reveal the investigators true needs and true questions and wehn we implemented this in our lessons this week the spirit was soooo much stronger! Like i mentioned before we have also been reading chapters of the book of mormon with our investigators and it is LITERALLY healing them. We had one investigator recienve a blessing of comfort and she told us afterward that she felt like God was talking to her. Elizabeth, the investigator that finally came to church last week, had surgery a few weeks ago and was in alot of pain and said she want going to come to church, but we promised her that we could give her a blessing and that she would be ok  and so she came!!!! She for sure will be baptized, she has so much faith! We also taught a lesson to Ricardo and Sebastian and practiced teaching with them to prepare them for their missions. Their testimonies are so strong as recent converts, i have no doubt that they will be powerful missionaries. 
As for the partying... Sorry America, your parties are nothing compared to the celebrations here in Mexico hahaha we had a ward party to celebrate the Independence of Mexico and they were crazy, we were screaming VIVA MEXICO and they were singing and dancing, it was so much fun and Maria de Lourdes came (investigator that received the blessing)
Right now we have 3 solid baptism dates for Elizabeth, Monika and Gustavo for the 25 of September. Maria de Lourdes is awesome and had a date too, but she hasn't come to church, so we need to set a new one with her, so if you would like to pray for them, that would be awesome! Its sad to know that I probably wont see these people baptized because we have cambios in 3 weeks and I have six months in the same area hahaha so i'm probably leaving but it makes me want to work that much harder so I know for sure that they will make that covenant with their father in heaven!
love you all so much! 

con amor, hna ibarra

Snow in Mexico!

Ward Party for Mexico's day of Independence

Hermana Herrera and Hermana Ibarra

Ward party

Hermana Herrera in the snow

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