Monday, September 8, 2014

Sundays are Important!

Wek- 20
Area- Serdan
Companion- Hermana Herrera

This week was AWESOME (until everything crashed and burned during the weekend).
On Thursday we had interviews with the president and his wife and i absolutely love them! the president was so excited to talk to us and he just radiates happiness and priesthood power! Also, this weeek was hna herreras 1 month mark so we ate Jumbos, which is a hamburger, hotdog, ham sándwich thing with tons of deliciousness that must be in heaven or I wont go hahaha
On Friday we had the coolest lesson ever! Rudolf, our Golden 17 year old investigator and his sister Ana invited his girlfirned and her brother to our music class and we had an awesome lesson with them after about the Plan of Salvation and góspel of Jesús Christ. They were all so excited and we invited the girlfriend and brother to be baptized and they accepted! Rudolf is soooo excited to be baptized, especially when we told him he would be able to baptize his sister and his friends. They7 all commited to coming to church and were super excited.
well..... the next day comes and Ricardo tells us that Rudolf sent him messages saying that they wont be able to attend chruch the next day and probably not for a while because his parents (apparently super catholic even though he told us they dont practice) yelled at him and ana for taking lessons with us and being traitors to the family. Sunday we went to visit them and we walked in their house and we talked about a few things with them then the mom walked in. We explained our purpose as missionaries to her and apologized for not talking directly with her sooner and she seemed to accept that. She had lots of questions that we tried our best to answer and we shared a Little bit of the message of the restoration. ]We shared our testimonies and we tried so hard to invite the spirit so her heart would be softened. She told us Rudolf is old enought to make whatever decisión he wants, but ana cant be baptized. we told her we respect her decisión and we have another appointment with her the next sunday with her husband. The lesson was a Little rough on hna herrera because the mother had said some really unkind things aobut Joseph Smith and then said she could feel my spirit and testimony, but not hers, which just tore the por girl apart.
if you could please pray for this family, we would really appreciate it. Rudolf and Ana both have recieved answers that the church is true, they want to attend, they love to read the book of mormon and pray on their own, they are seriously the best, please keep them in your prayers
love you so much! almost a third of the way done with my misión, i cant believe it!
con amor
hna ibarra

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