Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Week- 28
Area- Serdan
Companion- Hermana Herrera

Dear Family and Friends, 
This truly was a fantastic week (until we found out that none of our investigators saw the conference....)!
I would love to share an amazing experience we had this week that strengthened my testimony of the Holy Spirit.
I'm not sure if you remember, but we had a golden investigator named Juana. She was doing everything, including attending church (which is a miracle in itself) and then her and her husband saw a video about the temple and she dropped of the face of the earth for almost a month because of it (I HATE VIDEOS...) We continued to teach her husband because he had a lot of faith and confidence in us, so we helped him recover from the video and he really truly wants to repent and change his life after some very serious sins. Then Juana got really really sick, like having to stay in your house for a month sick and we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to help her with a blessing and service, but she didn't want anything from us. 
This week we went to visit Humberto and Juana answered the door!!! We were so happy to see that she was alive and walking and we talked with her a bit and she said we could come back for Humberto the next day because he was working. We came back the next day planning to teach Humberto, but he was working in the fields, but Juana invited us in!!! Hna Herrera and I looked at each other like "we planned for Humberto, what are we going to teach this women that has rejected us for so long" and I told her we would listen to the spirit and it would guide us to what to do. Because we hadn't seen her for a while we asked her how her reading in the book of mormon was and she told us that she wasn't reading all that much, so immediately the thought came to read with her. I opened my book of mormon to the section in 3 nephi about Christs ministry, hoping to find something and I saw a scripture that I had marked about his healing power, if we come unto him, so I said we were going to read this chapter together, not knowing if if would help, but praying that it would (ch.17). As we began to read this chapter of when Christ called everyone to be healed, especially the little children, because of the mercy and love he had for them I began to cry. When we finished reading I shared my testimony of the healing power of Christ  and reminded her of our very first lessons together and she was fighting tears the whole time, because of her pride, but eventually let a few tears fall. The spirit was so perfectly strong that it lead us to read and share exactly what she needed to hear to remember why she began listening to us in the first place. 
At times when we see things or hear things that are troubling in the church, we only need to remember the things we absolutely know and fall on our spiritual experiences from the past to help us push through those doubts, just like Juana.
Also, Sebastian is literally an angel on earth, he is such an example to me. He is experiencing some hard persecution in his home for being a new member of the church, but he is still staying strong. This last lesson we had with him he was silent for a minute and then said something along the lines of "it is crazy how whenever I have a question or a doubt about something you always come and always answer them... I really enjoy talking to you and sharing my experiences with you". Also, a week or two before we were practicing the plan of salvation and he said "I remember when you (talking directly to me) taught me this lesson and you had a picture or all the worlds and I understood it so well!" I have to tell you that when I taught this lesson it was my second week in the mission and I was on my exchanges and I thought I had butchered my spanish, so when he told me this I wanted to hug him so bad hahahaha 

I hope you all had the opportunity to watch general conference! It seems like just yesterday when we saw the general conference that changed the course of my life and honestly I felt like this one was no different. I went to conference with a question, found the answer and another question, and then the answer to the new question.
While I was watching the first session of conference with the other Americans (we were able to watch it in English in Puebla) Hna Wells asked me if I would return to BYUI or not after the mission or what my plans were. I said i wasn't sure, but that it was a year from now and i wasn't too concerned, that I knew the Lord would help guide me down the path I needed to go when the time came as long as I serve. I quickly realized that I have less than a year and these first six months were incredibly fast and I know that the  months will only get faster and faster and that I will be home before I know it, so then I began to think... All of Sunday they talked about making decisions and how the make the BEST decisions and I knew they were talking directly to me, telling me to repent. One of the things one of the Elders mentioned was that we need to involve our loved ones in our decision making because our decisions won't only affect us, but them too. I realized that before my mission I was very selfish, only seeing how my decisions would affect me, so I want to apologize for that and involve you more in my decision making so i can make not only better decisions, but the BEST decisions (so if you received this letter, you are pretty special and I want your help haha) Also, I loved how he said to make the best decisions we need to read our Patriarchal blessings and see if our decisions are leading us to the blessings that are there or not.
I love you all so much, I hope that you are all making the decision to change something after seeing this conference! Remember that it is through obedience and your confidence in your spiritual growth that you can experience miracles!
con amor,
hna ibarra :)

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  1. What an amazing experience! I love hearing stories like these! Jesus Christ lives and knows each of us!