Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Week- 27
Area- Serdan
Companion- Hermana Herrera

hola familia!
Well, I got some crazy news, Serdan will be opening another misión, so we will have 6 missionaries here really soon! The whole Ward is freaking out because they don't know how they are going to feed us all hahaha
We have cambios in 2 weeks and I'm pretty sure I am leaving, though we wont know until another week and a half, but Hna Herrera is convinced that I will open Serdan 3 and stay here forever hahahaha. Strange thing, Elder Gallegos, our district leader, was called this week and is leaving Serdan today for the offices for a special assignment. We think he will be a secretary, but who knows, we were all pretty sad, but we knew that changes were coming.
This weekend we had the opportunity to watch the womens sesión of conference and it was AMAZING, if you didnt see it repent and watch it hahaha The testimonies of the temple and Elder Uchtdorf's talk were absolutely inspired. I am so excited for this weekends conference, after over six months in the misión I need a spiritual boost, especially because we are still having trouble getting investigators to church. Although we didn't have any investigators this week (Elizabeth has an infection and couldn't come) we had 6 less active members, 4 of which we have only recently started working with! I am always so
excited to see less active members in the church, probably more than our investigators haha.
Elder Alvarez (Ricardo) had his farewell, so there were lots of people at church and the spirit was super strong. We were invited to his setting apart and it reminded me of my call to serve and the blessings that await if I serve faithfully.
Cool story for the week, we were contacting and we contacted one lady who lead us immediately to her house and she accepted everything we were telling her, we are hoping she will be a great new investigator! Also, we are still practicing with Sebastian and Mauricio (recent convert of the other sisters) for the misión and we always have a great time, it reminds me of my days in the Mtc haha
love you all so much!
My mouth is pretty great, I can feel everythings, sometimes it feels a Little funny and I still have the random shocks of pain, but very rarely now, thanks for all the prayers!
The misión is the best thing that has every happened to me, I am learning so much and we are helping others come closer to their father in heaven.
con amor, hna ibarra

Hermana Herrera and Hermana Ibarra.  Their time together is almost over.

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