Monday, December 15, 2014

Forget yourself and go to work

Week- 36
Area- Tlaxcala, Xicotencatl
Companion- Hermana Zarate

i hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving. I couldn't help but think about the ward turkey bowl and preparing the meal, but we also had a great day here! some of the elders took pictures with wild turkeys to send home, i'm sad i didn't think of that too haha.
i would like to share somethings i learned from the conference with Elder Torris. Wow, is he a powerful human being.,... As you know, the world is rapidly changing and so the work must change tool. of all the people we teach which are contacts in the street only 15% will be baptized. obviously contacting isn't so successful anymore... from all the people we teach who are references from member 90% will be baptized! 90%! Jacob is really good at math, he can tell you that that means if you help 10 of your friends listen the the missionary lessons 9 of them will be baptized, so why aren't we as members and missionaries working harder together? well, now we are. For the past month all of the missionaries have been studying this topic and Elder Torris, as well as other speakers, taught us of some of the great ways we can work together. 
Also, all over the world missionaries and the church are taking advantage of the Christmas season with an initiative "He is the Gift". if you haven't heard of it already i'm sure the missionaries in your area will soon be sharing these pass along cards that direct you to this video. it is very similar to the "Because of Him" video. This is where you come in. I know how much you all LOVE facebook, so what you need to do is share this video with EVERYONE! invite your friends over for family home evening and share why this gospel makes us so happy and how it can bless their lives. I can promise you that if you share this video and reach out to your non member friends you will have baptisms. Clarke is living proof that references from members get baptized (or sure darn close to it, i have no doubt that he will be baptized once someone reaches out to help him).
 I love you all so much and i want you to be able to experience the joy i am receiving from sharing the gospel. It isn't the missionaries job to find anymore... members are finding and missionaries are teaching and we are having sooo much more success. The Lord has given us a great responsibility, NOW is the day of repentance and work. If you are willing to accept a challenge share this video with our neighbor (you know which one). For some reason they have been popping into my head a lot, maybe now is their time. This Christmas season i hope you will give the true gift to all. He is the gift. Of this I testify.
Thank you sooooooo much for your Christmas package with all the letters, you have no idea how much i needed them in the moment that i got them. I also received the Halloween package during our district meeting and everyone thought it was pretty funny how late it was... jajaja
love you so much, miss you, can't wait to see you I CANT BELIEVE IT IS DECEMBER....
con amor hna ibarra

Marissa's bed

Marissa's study area

Luis Angel's Baptism

Guevara family Baptism

Marissa and Monse

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