Monday, December 15, 2014

Getting a little wet this week!

Week- 31
Area- Tlaxcala, Xicotencatl
Companion- Hermana Zarate

Fwd: getting a little wet this wee

first, i will answer all your questions....

Are you collecting any recipes? I tried, but nobody writes anything down, they are just naturally amazing cooks haha
Are you writing in your journal? i try but there is hardly any time, usually once a week
have you developed callouses on your knees from praying? haha yes, i have dryspots on my knees and my feet have a bunch
Have you finished the Book of Mormon in Spanish yet? no
Are you riding taxis more than buses? lots and lots of combis (vw buses)
how far are you from the Mission home? like 2 hours
Do you get Pizza? when we go to puelba haha
is the chorizo and eggs better in Mexico?SOOOO MUCH BETTER
are corn toritillas now your favorite, or still flour? the corn tortillas are amazing here, the flour are really good, but corn is better
are my tamales even any good compared to the real MEXICAN ones? no comment haha
Are you tired of your clothes yet? yes, but i have 2 different skirts that were gifts
Do you ever see monkeys?no
Do you ever ride Donkeys? no, but in serdan there were a bunch
What is the next festival or holiday thats coming? dia de muerte (halloween)
Are they planning for Christmas already like the stores here are? no
DO you sing with the choir? yes
are you playing any violin? yes, we are trying to find a violin this week so i can play for our baptism
Are you tired of my questions?no comment hahahaha

This week we have a family being baptized, the Hernandez Lopez family! The mother is a member and her husband and daughter and son (9 and 10) will be baptized this week! They have already had their interviews and I have never seen anyone so excited for baptism! Also, Luis Angel will be baptized this week if his mom will sign his baptismal form, so please pray that she will. He is 14 years old.
The companionship was a whole lot better this weekend, we are feeling the spirit really strongly in the lessons and we had 3 of our new investigators come to church this week!!!! Please pray for Hna Zarate, she has osteoperosis and her bones have been bothering her. Please also pray for my hair hahaha It is super frizzy and looks like a barbie doll after 3 years of wear and tear hahaha i was loosing a bit of it the other day too, not to freak you out haha
Hna Lopez and Hna Eyring slept over at our place the other night because their house got filled with chinchis ewwwwwww poor hna eyring got bit up... 
Last night Hna Zarate and I watched 17 miracles, it was the first time i had ever seen it and i was bawling like a baby hahaha if you want to see a good movie, WATCH IT
As for my mouth.... still isnt normal, but it isnt bad. i dont want to freak you out, but on the back right side i have formed a little bump, kinda like the ones i was forming before it started shooting out crazy nasty puss, so i am keeping my eye on it, it is a little sore at times if i try to brush it too hard, but im not too worried about it right now. We have interviews with the pres and his wife on friday, so if it is still there i will talk to sis christensen, so you dont need to because if you do she freaks out hahaha 
it is very warm here, i like it alot, and we walk a bunch. we walked for an hour to visit a recent convert and then waited for 20 min for her not to show up and then we walked back hahaha so we wasted like 3 hours one morning, but I am so happy here, we had ward conference this week so we were in the chapel alot practicing with the choir and preping for our baptisms. I was one of the only sopranos and all the ladies thought my voice was amazing, we all not thats not true, but it made me feel dandy hahahahaha
love you all so much! All the crazy cool stuff is coming out this week for day of the dead (halloween) so ill try to take some pics if i see some cool stuff
con amor
hna ibarra

Hernandez Lopez Family baptism

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