Monday, December 15, 2014

Hump Day!

Week- 38
Area- Tlaxcala, Xicotencatl
Companion- Hermana Zarate

hahaha i am excited to skype too :) right now it is 2:26 here, we aren't sure yet at what time we will skype, but probably in the afternoon after comida, we still have to confirm the hour. 
yes, I think I won the award for biggest package in the mission hahahaha we were in Puebla for a Christmas devotional and the elders were passing out letters and packages and the elders were like "wow, they must really love you" jajajaja
Im glad Addie is ok, that sounds really freaky. If you see Tabitha before she leaves please send her my love.
ah, yes, it feels so strange to know that i am on the returning side of the mission, but it isnt too bad yet because i know hna zarate is leaving in only three weeks, so i am grateful for 9 more months haha. 
Like i mentioned, we had a Christmas devotional with the president and his wife on wednesday and it was AMAZING! We played alot of games and talked about traditions, it really got me thinking about what I want for my future family and what we do as a family. I hope you have your puzzle ready jajaja the president shared some of his traditions with us and i really really really hope they put the video online of what we sang because it is too darn funny jajaja. We sang christmas songs while some of the missionaries played music pipes, it reminded me of moms and mine love for handbells jajaja
Also, when we got to the reunion the president pulled us aside and told us that he had been looking at our numbers and asked us how we were having so much success. he asked us to right him a letter and i would like to share it with all of you too.

Dear President,
We feel really blessed with the success we have had here in Xicotencatl 2. The truth is we aren't sure if there is just one thing that helped contribute to our success but as we pondered and compared stories of different investigators we came up with a few conclusions.
First, with all the baptisms we had or are about to have we did a fast specifically for them to help with their addictions or probems and we saw incredible transformations after each fast. 
Second, and I feel this is probably the most important, is that we were and are in constant communication with the investigators. We would have lessons several times a week, members were going by to pick them up for activities o teach small principles, and we would bring them small gifts of love and encouragement. as we looked at the investigators that weren't being baptized we noticed that they were people we could only visit once a week or less. consistency and verification play a huge part in conversion, we feel. Also, we have correlation meeting and ward counsel everyweek and we have great attendance from all of the organizations. Also through this we plan lots of missionary activities (we try for every Saturday) so that investigators and less active members can mingle with the members and so that the members can feel more excited about serving them. We wouldn't have had the success we did and continue to have it were not for the members help and support.
finally, we taught many families where only part of the family were members. As we taught the family the less active member would begin to remember their covenants and would share powerful testimonies. They also were constantly with the other members of the family to help them with their progression. 
One last thing that I believe helped us is that we always pray for miracles. I love praying for miracles because we always recieve them.
Thank you so much for your faith and confidence in us President Christensen, I hope this list helps you, we are always here to serve you if you need anything. Thank you so much for your love and for the christmas devotional you shared I have been thinking alot about traditions since that point and what i want in my future family
love you so much
hna ibarra

Like i have been saying MEMBERS ARE SOOOO IMPORTANT!!! I hope you are continuing to show the CHRISTmas spirit and sharing the gospel with everyone. I feel like this will probably be the best Christmas of my whole life, we are sooo busy and happy, we have Dantes baptism next week too :)

love you all so much, thanks for the packages and letters
con amor hna ibarra

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