Monday, December 15, 2014

Starting fresh

Week- 35
Area- Tlaxcala, Xicotencatl
Companion- Hermana Zarate

Hola Familia!
Well this week wasn't super eventful, we are searching for new investigators so we didn't have too many lessons, but because of that we had a ton of lesson with less active members and members to search for references and build their confidence in us. I am also receiving a bunch of violin playing opportunities, the elders have a baptism this week as well as hna lopez and hna eyring so i will be playing at both of those. we are also working on maintaining all our recent converts.
I just want to share a really heartwarming experience we had with Ana Lilia, a recent convert, and the relief society. You can share this experience with the relief society to help them be excited about doing missionary work.
Earlier in the week we received a text message from Ana Lilia saying that she was having lots of problems, that he would tell us when we could visit her again and that she didn't know when she would come back to church. As hard as we tried we couldn't get  a hold of her, but she came to church yesterday. In gospel principles the teacher was sharing a lesson about our agency and the consequences of our actions and she was crying a lot and asked to step out. We ran out after her and blocked the gate so she would talk to us and one of the relief society counselors who was in the hall ran out with us. She eventually told us what was bothering her, a very delicate and serious situation that I wont share now, and immediately the relief society counselor told her to come to her house for comida (big meal) and for a family home evening with us. Hna Zarate and I ran back into the building to ask a return missionary that was sitting in the hall for a priesthood blessing and afterwards she left for her house. The counselor proceeded to call as many relief society sisters as she could to invite them to the family home evening to surprise Ana Lilia. When we got to her house later that night the house started filling up with women, but Ana ilia never showed... But we still used the gathering as a time to help her. We each shared what sicknesses we had and my companion shared one of our favorite scriptures 3 Nephi 17:7 when Christ is in the Americas and he asks if there are any sick to bring them to him and he will heal them. We all shared testimonies and talked about the healing power of Christ and how we could help in this work. Everyone was in tears and I have never felt so much unity and love to help a person than I did in this moment. After we sang "as sisters in Zion" and we kneeled in prayer to ask for help with Ana Lilia in her delicate situation. After the prayer one of the women asked if we could all make a visit with her. The beautiful thing about this is that Ana Lilia lives an hour walk away and all the women joyfully replied that they wanted to do it together. 
MEMBERS ARE SOOOOOOOO IMPORTANT IN MISSIONARY WORK!!! I cant express this enough! I hope that everytime the missionaries are at our house you have a reference for them, i hope you can say you can do a visit with them, i pray that you can say that you are reading your scriptures everyday, that you are doing family prayer and family home evening so they don't have to worry about you and so they can have the confidence to ask you for help with whatever thing. it is really sad when our recent converts are working harder and experiencing more miracles than the members who have been in the church their whole lives and when it is harder to convince the members to change their ways then our investigators. I hope that when i come home (happy 8 months this week, almost halfway there!!!) i am not the only one who has changed. One of my companions once told me that I was 2 years more righteous than her because each year the world gets more and more wicked so God has to send stronger and stronger children, so Sarah, Jacob, and Nathan i hope that you are much stronger than I am, God has sent you here to the earth for a specific purpose in this specific time, so i hope you are searching for that purpose and that mom and dad and Sarah are always making decision that will lead you to the blessings in your patriarchal blessings.

love you all so much! yeah, i felt like my face was looking a little bigger, but I was choosing to doubt what my eyes were seeing haha. I come home exhausted every night, but I know it's because i am working with all my strength, but i'm not tired of the work, on the contrary i wish my body had more strength to work more and that the days were longer. we worked a little slower this week because my companion was sick, please keep her in your prayers, the mission i literally breaking up her body, we are going to the doc today to check out her hand, she fell a while back and her hand is really swollen, she was taking shots all week. also please keep hna herrera in your prayers, she is having difficulties with her companion, but this week we also find out if we have changes and we have 19 NEW MISSIONARIES coming in, so there will be lots of changes.

Thank you so much for all your prayers, next week ill let you know if i am having changes or not :)

Hermana Zarate and Hermana Ibarra

Hermana Zarate, Ana Lilia and Hermana Ibarra

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