Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Week #3 in Mexico and 2 Months down!

¡HOLA familia y amigos!
Today is my two month mark, it is insane how fast it goes!
Today for Pday we are in Puebla and I bought you family some really awesome Mexican stuff, I can´t wait for you to see them! Also, we went to McDonalds and it was really sad how excited us Americans were to have McDonalds haha
This week was crazy! We taught Gavino again this week and he was a little more receptive and we gave him a Book of Mormon, as well as another lady who ended up popping in on the lesson. We also got a new family, they are the sweetest EVER! They are the poorest family we have met so far, their kitchen is pretty much a smoke room, but they have four kids and a niece. The first visit we taught the first lesson and they asked us to stay to make tortillas, which was a lot of fun. Then they offered us some sopa y pollo so we sat down and since they are really poor they serve the innards of the pollo, right... and when they are super poor you eat whatever they give you... Well.... hahaha.... Lucky me got the male parts of the pollo hahahahahaha! it was really chewy, thanks for asking hahaha so yup, male chicken parts is the strangest thing I have eaten so far haha. The next visit we had I brought my camera because the first time they really wanted to take a picture but I had forgotten it, so when I brought it this time they went NUTS over the camera, they had never seen one before, I think. Also, we met their niece, who isn´t able to speak, so she loved the camera. She would point to different things in the yard and try to talk to me, I just fell in love with her. We taught about the Book of Mormon and when I gave her one she just lit up. I asked her if she could read and she nodded and she pointed to all the pictures in the book and I told her about them. She was such a great reminder to me that we don´t need to speak beautifully or at all to be able to touch someone´s life.
So not so good news, our baptism with Victoria fell through because her dad doesn´t want her to get baptized and he was never home this week for us to talk to him, but we are aiming for this week. Sebestian for sure is getting baptized on Friday, he is golden and so excited! We also have another baptism with Selene, another 9 year old girl. 
Thursday and Friday were crazy because we left for Puebla and stayed the night so we could attend a meeting on Friday and I could take care of some passport stuff. Since the meeting was for all the new trainers, I got to see all my MTC buddies!!!! It was so great to see them!
After our meetings I went to the dentist to check out my mouth since my three months is here and I still don´t have normal feeling and at times it hurts and feels puffy. Elder Dalle, from Utah, and his companion came with us and they gave me a blessing before I went in, which was really sweet. Hermana Lopez and I were both crying the day before in companionship inventory because I really don´t want to go. Anyway, the dentist pretty much told me what I already knew, that it is good that I am feeling pain, so they are taking me off my vitamins and I have to call them back at the beginning of June to let them know how I am doing and we will go from there. I am learning lots of patience and how to accept the will of God. Whatever happens I know he has a plan for me and I feel so blessed to know that I at least had 2 more weeks. After the dentist the Elders and Hermana Lopez and I went to Pizza Hut and it was heaven, oh my goodness.... 
So on Sunday we had our Missionary Program, which we practiced every night for in the chapel. They found me a violin so I had the opportunity to play and the members LOVED it! For the rest of the day whenever I went to anyones house I would have to have a mini concert for them hahaha. Funny story though, the violin was really old and the bridge was curved so whenever I would try to tune it I would see it slowly bend more and more so of course after one of the songs in Sacrament meeting the bridge snapped and so I was only able to play the violin for half the songs hahaha. Don´t worry, the violin is ok, I fixed it, the bridge is just super awful hahaha
I am still loving Mexico, I never want to leave, I love the people and the missionaries and the work!
Praying for you every day!
Love, Hermana Ibarra

McDonald's in Puebla

Hermana Ibarra and Hermana Lopez on Cinco de Mayo (explains the confetti in the hair)

A family of kids in Serdan where Marissa is serving.  I love the turkey wandering around in the backround.
Hermana Ibarra and Hermana Lopez in Puebla.

Hermana Ibarra and Hermana Lowe (from Utah)

Mexico Week #2

mexico is still awesome! Today we were walking to write and it just started to pour! hahaha, the weather is wacky, it is usually super nice and warm during the day and then it will just dump on us in the afternoon. there is a lot of thunder and lightning too. we even had a mini earthquake, i thought it was awesome because i had never been in one before, my companion was a little worried though haha
this week we had my first intercambio, which is when we switch companions for the day. hermana lopez went to puebla with one sister and i stayed with another here. it was pretty interesting, but overall i think it went pretty well, considering it was my first real time leading lessons, since the other hermana was there to evaluate me... a little awkward considering i don´t know that much spanish but whatever haha i had fun. we contacted twice as many people this week, so i was pretty happy about that and hermana lowe and fonseca, two hermanas in our district, had a baptism this saturday, which was so amazing to attend! 
we have a baptism this week and we set two more baptism dates this week!!! victoria this week, sebastian next week, briza (a teen) the next week (im not to sure how this one is going to go though, not super animated about it), and nohemi in july with her son when he turns 8. nohemi has had so many unfortunate things happen to her and this week everything finally started to turn around, i have never seen her so happy. 
i get better and better at spanish every day, it is still a little tricky at times but i never try to be disappointed because i just remember IM IN MEXICO!!! 
love you all so much! thank you for all the emails and love!
something cool that i love about the work is that it is so much more than just walking up and down streets looking for people to teach. we are going to be starting english classes, we have a trip to hawaii activity in motion (talk about plan of salvation), and also a missionary program during sacrament. we are going to puebla on friday, so the missionaries want to see if we can find a violin for me to play.
love you all! i pray for you every day! 
love hermana ibarra