Monday, September 8, 2014

She is Getting Baptized!!!!!

Week  24
Area- Serdan
Companion- Hermana Herrera

THE DAY HAS FINALLY ARRIVED!!!! After over a year of missionary efforts, Nohemi Quinto will be baptized this Saturday!!!!
We had quite the interesting week, much of which I can´t write too much about, but lets just say I never thought I would LITERALLY be saving lives here in Mexico, and I know that it isnt really me, but the spirit and the members here in Serdan. Nohemi decided to leave her abusive relationship and will be baptized this week. Is is sad that she waited this long for her salvation, but we are overjoyed with her realization that she is a precious child of God and that she deserved more than she was dealing with. UNFORTUNATELY, she moved out of our area and into the Elders of Tlachicuca, so Elder Gallegos was having a hoot about his free bee baptism but hna herrera yelled at him sufficiently to make sure that he knew in reality she is our baptism hahaha
As for the rest of our week, our other investigators are golden in the lessons, but never come to church, so we have been searching for new investigators and we have about 10 new investigators and over half of them have baptism dates and friends in the church or past experience in the church, so we have alot of faith that they will be coming to church and progressing.
Just want to thank you soooo much for your prayers for Nohemi, it is seriously a miracle that she was able to do what she did this week. 
As for news about my mouth, i think its ok because i forgot about it in all the craziness this week hahaha
love you all so much! you are always in my prayers and thanks for keeping me in yours!
ALSO AWESOME NEWS! We ran into Rudolf the other day (MIRACLE) and he wants to have lessons with us again, so we are suuuuper excited! Maybe now is his time :)
con amor, hna ibarra

Hermana Herrera, Marissa and Ricardo who just received his Mission Call.

Misiel and Faty (Investigators) with Hermana Ibarra

The flood at Carlos B Zetina‏

Week 23
Area- Serdan
Companion- Hermana Herrera

This week was very interesting to say the least hahahaha
Today and pretty much the past two weeks have been nuts because of the fair, but today is a day for the patron of Serdan, so it is especially crazy with tiangis everywhere.
So you are probably curious about the title.... The other day we found some water underneath our sink and we were like why is their so much water? We found that their was some water dripping from one of the pipes, so I grabbed a towel so we could put it around the pipe... Well, I barely touched the pipe and it exploded and tons of water came shooting out onto my face, so of course I screamed. Hna Herrera came running around the corner and I was like WHAT DO WE DO and so we grabbed a towel and tried to plug up the whole when the other pipe broke. I was running around frantically trying to move stuff around so they wouldnt get damaged and hna herrera was cracking up, she couldnt stop laughing. We told our landlord and he shut the water off and we bought new parts and all is well now. We were soaked and Hna Herrera was laughing and telling everyone and their dog here how I flipped out hahahaha It was pretty funny hahaha
I dont know if I have ever told you alot about hna herrera, but lets just say she is the funniest thing ever. I love her so much, I feel like she is teaching me more than I am teaching her at times.
We found 7 new investigators this week!!! We are really pumped, especially because one is an old investigator we found in our folder that said he was ready for baptism, just couldnt at the time because he was under age and his mom didnt want him to be baptized, so we found him and he is AWESOME!
Please keep Nohemi in your prayers, her baptism date is for the next week, so we are hoping all goes well and she is baptized!
We had a stake conference this weekend and they talked alot alot alot about how families need to be preparing their children for their missions and stressing the importance of family home evening and family history work, so I am going to issue this challenge to you! I can promise you as a representative of Jesus Christ that you will see miracles through family home evening and searching for our ancestors. Please try, I know it is hard with your schedules, but remember that God is always first and he has promised blessing for you as you keep the commandments
Love you all so much!
con amor, hna ibarra


Week- 22
Area- Serdan
Companion-  Hermana Herrera

Dear Family,
This week, like most others, was very quick, I have so much I want to say, but little time! ahhh
We started off the week with a sheet of paper given to us by our ward mission leader with everyone in the ward who wasnt baptized and after two days of searching for everyone we found one family that was very sweet and we have another appointment with them tonight. Most of the directions were old or non existand haha but we were happy that we found at least one
Also, we found another new investigator named Elsa. We were walking and said hello to her and kept walking. Well, she also had a little baby with her who tried to talk to us as we walked away, so we turned around and had a conversation with her and the baby and she said we could come visit her the next day. Turns out, she is Juan Pablos mom and she is the sweetest thing ever! she told us that she had seen us talking to Juan Pablo before and had always seen us walking around and had hoped that one day we would talk to her. We have another lesson with her and Juan Pablo tomorrow. We miraculously found Juan Pablo a few weeks ago and he told us his new schedule and now especially because we will be teaching his mom too we think this time they will both progress :)
SUPER DUPER EXCITING NEWS, NOHEMI HAS A NEW BAPTISM DATE BECAUSE SHE IS DUMPING JUAN!!!!!! We are super confident that she will be baptized this time, just keep her in your prayers, she is going through a pretty rough time right now.
We were really excited to have 4 investigators at church yesterday! The usual Nohemi, Monika and Gustavo were there ( all have baptism dates in the beginning of next month) and Victor also came, we were SHOCKED but so happy. This week we talked with him about the 10 commandments, especially about putting God first and keeping the Sabbath day holy because he wasnt attending church because he has soccer games on Sunday. We were so happy when he walked into the chapel, even with his uniform on haha he told us his game had finished early so he ran over haha. We are really happy that he is beginning to understand the importance of what we are teaching him! 
We are hoping for many baptims this next cambio, so please keep Monika, Gustavo, Nohemi, Victor, Juana and Humberto in your prayers :)
Love you all so much!
Other exciting news, Sebas baptized one of the sisters investigators on Friday, it is soooo awesome to see how he is helping others come unto christ after his conversion
love you, have a great week!
Con Amor, Hna Ibarra

Having a little snack!

Busy Week

Week- 21
Area- Serdan
Companion- Hermana Herrera

Querido Familia,
Well, this week was a blur, it went by so fast hahaha
Ill start with the bad news... Rudlofs parents arent receptive at all to believing that God has established a church on earth and when we asked Rudolf to share his testimony with his parents he said he had doubts. We KNOW he has a testimony because he told us before and we can see it every time we have a lesson, but he is scared of his parents so we wont be teaching them much more. As sad as it is, we know he as a testimony, so both hna herrera and I have plans to continue to communicate with him and we have faith that maybe how isnt his time, but he will accept it later.
AWESOME NEWS, JUANA CAME TO CHURCH!!! I dont remember if I told you about her story, so ill tell you again haha. One day Hna Lopez and I were contacting and we talked to a women named Juana Hernandez outside her house.She told us we could come by later that week and we did. The second we sat down in her house and began to speak to her she began to cry. She told us about her 6 year old son Juanito, who has an excess of water in his brain so he cant walk or think for himself. She told us how she somehow thought it was her fault and life was hard at times with his condition. We shared the message of eternal families, Jesus Christ, and the healing power of the priesthood and she invited us to come back. We had cambios and so hna Herrera and I began the lessons with her.During the first lesson her husband Humberto walked in and wasnt buying our message so walked out. We continued to teach and we heard him behind the door listening. Eventually he came in, sat down, and at the end of the lesson he was feeling confident with us. WE have been teaching them at least two times a week every week and they are AWESOME! Juana loves to read the Book of MOrmon and always reads her homework. The other day they were telling us about a discussion she had with her father, the founder of a christian church here in Serdan, and she was using the Book of MOrmon to defend the church! She truely has a testimony of it and is very receptive to all our lessons, as well as Humberto. Humberto has fears about choosing religion because he is scared if he picks the worng one God will punish him double, but he loves talking to us, he loves reading the pamphlets we give him and is very receptive. This week we taught the word of wisdom because a week before we saw him smoking witha friend and when we began to share the message he stopped us and said  "your sharing this because you saw me smoking the other day!"hahaha but we were super excited when he said he could stop and that he wants to live the word of wisdom. Yesterday was Juanas first time at chruch and Humberto told us he would come with her this next week, so we are super excited for them and their baptism in October! Another funny story with them, we had intercambios this week, so I was in Puebla, but Hna Herrera told me that they walked by their house and Humberto saw them and when we were in the lesson with them the next day Juana told us "yeah, my husband saw hna herrera with another mexican and was like Donde esta la guerra?" hahahaha We reassured them that we both would be here for at least another 2 months. Humberto doesnt really know our names, he just calls us the Guerra and Morenita hahaha 
Speaking of intercambios, I was in the city for the day training with hna corral and I felt like I was in a different world being back in the city haha so when I come home in a year I just might have a heart attack hahaha
love you all so much!
con amor, Hna Ibarra

Sundays are Important!

Wek- 20
Area- Serdan
Companion- Hermana Herrera

This week was AWESOME (until everything crashed and burned during the weekend).
On Thursday we had interviews with the president and his wife and i absolutely love them! the president was so excited to talk to us and he just radiates happiness and priesthood power! Also, this weeek was hna herreras 1 month mark so we ate Jumbos, which is a hamburger, hotdog, ham sándwich thing with tons of deliciousness that must be in heaven or I wont go hahaha
On Friday we had the coolest lesson ever! Rudolf, our Golden 17 year old investigator and his sister Ana invited his girlfirned and her brother to our music class and we had an awesome lesson with them after about the Plan of Salvation and góspel of Jesús Christ. They were all so excited and we invited the girlfriend and brother to be baptized and they accepted! Rudolf is soooo excited to be baptized, especially when we told him he would be able to baptize his sister and his friends. They7 all commited to coming to church and were super excited.
well..... the next day comes and Ricardo tells us that Rudolf sent him messages saying that they wont be able to attend chruch the next day and probably not for a while because his parents (apparently super catholic even though he told us they dont practice) yelled at him and ana for taking lessons with us and being traitors to the family. Sunday we went to visit them and we walked in their house and we talked about a few things with them then the mom walked in. We explained our purpose as missionaries to her and apologized for not talking directly with her sooner and she seemed to accept that. She had lots of questions that we tried our best to answer and we shared a Little bit of the message of the restoration. ]We shared our testimonies and we tried so hard to invite the spirit so her heart would be softened. She told us Rudolf is old enought to make whatever decisión he wants, but ana cant be baptized. we told her we respect her decisión and we have another appointment with her the next sunday with her husband. The lesson was a Little rough on hna herrera because the mother had said some really unkind things aobut Joseph Smith and then said she could feel my spirit and testimony, but not hers, which just tore the por girl apart.
if you could please pray for this family, we would really appreciate it. Rudolf and Ana both have recieved answers that the church is true, they want to attend, they love to read the book of mormon and pray on their own, they are seriously the best, please keep them in your prayers
love you so much! almost a third of the way done with my misión, i cant believe it!
con amor
hna ibarra