Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Feliz Cumpleanos to Me!

Week- 42
Area- Tlaxcala, Xicotencatl
Companion- Hermana McBride

 This week was very fun going on my first split and this week we have 3! I am really excited because I will be going out with Hna Parslow tomorrow :)
As a sister training leader me and my companion are responsible of watching over 8 companionships close to our area by calling them regularly, going on splits with them, setting goals, helping them with their obedience and helping them to be better missionaries. It is crazy how much can happen in the mission, it has given me a whole new look on missionary work and the mission life. Yes, I will be traveling a lot for this assignment because we have to go visit the girls in their areas. Hna McBride tells me that I will be exhausted pretty soon, haha we will see how this week goes with all the craziness. 
I actually love eating at home, the only sad thing is that that means we hardly see the members, so we have to find other ways to see them.
Dante isn't doing too good... lots of problems at home and with his nose so it has been very difficult to communicate with him, but we saw him this week and he has a new baptism date for February because he wants to be baptized, just wait a little longer till he has a little bit more peace in his life. we tried to help him understand that with the guide of the holy ghost he could find more peace and maybe more help in this situation and he seemed to get it, but he is just so sad, please fast and pray for him. 
Melissa is the sweetest cutest most adorable thing on this planet! she came to church again and we are going to bump her baptism date up because she is just incredible! it is amazing to see how much she has progressed in her testimony over the past few months, I wish I could share all the amazing experiences we have had with her.
Hna McBride is an amazing missionary and a beautiful person, i don/t really deserve her haha we get along so well and we are always setting goals for ourselves. we have a goal not to use slang (it is really hard considering that the Mexican language uses a lot of slang) so we are keeping a tally of all the times we use a slang word and whoever uses the most during the week has to buy the other person socks. I am losing haha. please also keep her in your prayers, she has been sick her entire mission, she feels a whole lot better with her new diet but she feels like she is a burden sometimes and she has been having some chest pain.
I love you all sooooo much, sorry I don't have time to tell you more, I will be sending pics, thank you for the birthday wishes, we are going to plan all day on Saturday to celebrate hahaha and go eat posole with a member on Sunday hahaha 
thank you for your examples, I can/t wait to hear about what you did for family home evening this week ;) and wish the Ducks luck! (hna cathro told me that they get to watch the game as a zone.... in a trampoline room..... not jealous haha)
con amor hna ibarra 

Two tired Sister Training Leaders holding our eyes open as wide as we can. (Marissa and Hermana McBride)

Hermana Ibarra, Melissa and Hermana McBride

The Elders, Melissa, Hermana Ibarra and Hermana McBride

Sister Training Leaders planning session.  Hermana Ibarra not so focused.

Hermana Ibarra outside of hers and Hermana McBrides new home.

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