Tuesday, January 13, 2015

:))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))‏ (Happy Happy Happy!)

Week- 41
Area- Tlaxcala, Xicotencatl
Companion- Hermana McBride

I have some awesome awesome news!!!!




I am soooooo excited for this assignment and I loooooove my companion. She was my sister training leader for 2 changes and I really admire her, I was shocked that we were put together as companions. It was really funny because the day of changes we played a piece together, she was on the flute, me on the violin, and an elder on piano and we had NO idea that we would be together as companions afterwards hahaha everyone else was just as shocked as we were because there are not a lot of companionships of just Americans. plus, she is amazing and I don't deserve her, but she thinks that I am just as amazing, we are really excited to work together :)

as a sister training leader i will be going out on splits with other sisters to help them with their teaching, their goals, their obedience and what ever problem they have. on Friday we had an amazing leadership council with the president and there are many challenges going on in the mission and I am excited that I get to help with all of it. already we have many sisters who need help, but I know the lord will help hna mcbride and I to know what to do. 

We finally found Dante, he had been in the hospital with his nearly broken nose so he hasn't been able to communicate with us, as soon as he goes to church one more time he can be baptized so please pray for a miracle.
Melissa was at church again, she is really loving it, I don't know if i have ever had so much love for a person before..... she is incredible

a little about my companion, she is from Arkansas, has 14 months in the mission and she has a special diet, which means we don't eat with the members anymore. the cells in her esophagus began to convert to stomach cells, so she has orders from the president that she has to eat at home. 

sorry, i don't have the package yet, but we will be traveling more often so maybe i will receive your packages faster :)

love you all so much, 
hna ibarra

Hermana Zarate's last night before going home.
Hermana Ibarra, Hermana Sanchez and Hermana Pasten. (They are from Loma Florida)

Two little mountains that we see every day while out working.

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