Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Week- 40
Area- Tlaxcala, Xicotencatl
Companion- Hermana Zarate

Well, it is pretty obvious that we have cambios this week haha.  Hna Zarate is heading home and I will stay here in the area. Some interesting things happened this week so we changed homes on Saturday, but don't worry, we are very safe in this new home :) I have a lot of mixed feelings about this cambio and getting a new companion, i really hope she is great because if everything goes right we could have 6 or 7 baptisms this transfer!
don't worry, i am much better. yes, we are pretty positive it was because of all the ibuprofen i was taking, so I haven't taken any of that or the vitamins since my trip to the hospital and my stomach feels much better. my mouth, surprisingly, feels pretty good too. it feels funny sometimes, but I haven't had any extreme pain, so i feel very blessed. the presidents wife knows as well as the mission doctor, i should be finishing my medicine this week and I went in to have a check up and they say i am fine, so please don't worry. thank you for all of your prayers
This week we had many miracles. First, we found Dante! he was with his older brother for the holidays and so he couldn't make it to church. he told us he was a little disappointed with the youth in the ward because they aren't very mature, so that's why hardly anyone heard from him. he still wants to be baptized, which is awesome, but he didn't show up to church again, we aren't sure what happened. he had almost broken his nose while he was with his brother and couldn't get into see a doctor until after the holidays so we are hoping and praying that he was at the doctor yesterday and for that reason he wasn't at church.
haha I have seen errand of angels, i can relate to it aloooooot, i think everything that is in that movie has happened to me hahaha
the next miracle i have been hesitant to tell you guys about because this investigator is very very special to me. her name is Melissa, she is 17 years old, she has diabetes and she is deaf. One day she walked into the church looking for someone to teach her English and she found the elders. she began to learn a little bit from them, but one day she came and the elders were busy (zone leaders) so we taught her. we fell in love with her and asked the elders if we could take her because they were almost always too busy to have lessons with her so they said yes. She didn't open up right away an when we would try to mention something about the gospel she would remind us that she was there to learn English, not the gospel jaja until one day she mentioned her father. we would practice pronouncing words in English with her, she can't hear what she is saying, but her pronunciation is fantastic, so we asked her how she learned the sounds and she said her dad taught her, but that he had passed away a year ago. we decided to teach her about the plan of salvation using pictures that hna zarate has and she lit up. after that lesson she began to open up a lot more and began to read the book of mormon. we invited Luis Angel and Fani and other youth to help teach small principles to her and yesterday she came to church for the first time! we had a lesson with her afterwards and we asked her if she thought the things we taught were true and she said YES. we invited her to be baptized and she said YES! we are going to help her prepare for a baptism in February. she is truly a miracle and a testimony that you don't have to say a word in order for the spirit to testify. (to teach her we have to use pictures and write everything down)
i love you all so much, i hope you weren't too bummed out to start work and school again, they are truly a blessing, there are kids here who aren't going back to school until February....
love you so much! 

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