Wednesday, February 25, 2015

I want to sleep!

Week- 46
Area- Tlaxcala, Xicotencatl
Companion- Hermana McBride

Well, this week was one that I will never forget, so many crazy things happened... There are feelings and impressions that one could try to describe to the other, but it would be in vain. I won't try to explain everything that happened to us this weekend, one because it is difficult to put into words and second, you might not even believe me if I told you. Just know that I love you all very dearly and I am so glad you are living worthily to always have the guide of the Holy Spirit. I wanted to cry for joy when you said that you took the time to have a family home evening and that the boys testimonies are growing so much. I thought about your spiritual safety a lot this week. There are unseen forces that will always be working against you all because you know the truthfulness of this gospel but know that those forces with NEVER prevail if you are living worthy and you always heed the guidance of the Holy Spirit. My companion and i could not pray enough thanks this week for all of the miracles we had happen because the spirit guided us to do exactly what we needed to do. Ill be honest, we had a spook with something, but because we were obedient the Holy Ghost led us to safety. Please, I beg you, always continue to have family home evening EVERY week and to pray EVERY day and read the scriptures EVERY day, we cant afford to not have these protections in this fallen world.
This week we were only supposed to have 1 exchange, but we ended up having 2 because of an emergency (which turned out to not really be that much of an emergency, but duty called :) ) Melissa is scheduled to have her baptism this week, but she still needs permission from her mom, so pleeeeeeeeease pray mucho for her. 
I forgot to tell you about something interesting last week. During January after dia de reyes everyone eats "the rosca" which is a special type of bread, suuuper yummy. In this bread there is a little tiny white doll and whoever finds the white doll while they are eating has to make tamales for everyone the 2nd of February. Well, the first time I had the rosca, I ended up with the doll.... the second time I ate it, I ended up with the doll AGAIN, hahahaha. I still haven't made the tamales, but I will be learning one P-Day in the future hahaha. Also on the 2nd of February all the Catholics carry around their images, which are their little baby doll Jesus. it is the creepiest thing ever.... but it was interesting to see what their culture is. 
I got an email from my "email visiting teacher" and I laughed pretty hard hahaha i didnt even know that existed hahaha but she sent me some cute pictures of the activity.
YES I got your box and I loved it, thank you so much :)
We have lots of new investigators that are AWESOME so we are hoping to see some awesome miracles coming soon. I am a little sad because we found out that Hna McBride will be training so this next week is our last week together and we have a feeling that we will close area, but I sure hope not, but the Lords plan is always best, so we will see :)
love you soooo much, remember who you are and what you stand for, make good choices, Jesus loves you and keep striving to be less pathetic ;)
the mission is the best thing to every happen to me, i hope that you boys will make it a top priority to help the missionaries :)
love you! keep up the awesome temple and missionary work
D&C 103:9 (how do you feel knowing that God has given you the opportunity to be a Savior? Are you using this gift?) 
con amor hna ibarra

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