Wednesday, February 25, 2015

I thought last week was crazy

Week- 47
Area- Tlaxcala, Xicotencatl
Companion- Hermana McBride

Well, this week we did pretty much nothing work wise, but everything else you could think of we did... we had quite the show  hahaha.
Well, to tell you about how this week went I must first tell you the full story about what happened last week.... please don't worry, all is well now :)
It was super early on Saturday morning (not this Friday, but the last) and my companion tapped my shoulder. I woke up and she showed me a message that she had typed on her phone. She told me that she had had a dream that our mission president came up to her and said that we needed to be careful and that we needed to leave the house immediately. She NEVER receives revelation through dreams so she knew this wasn't just a random dream. She woke up to tell me but she felt very strongly not to speak and not to leave the room. She asked what we should do so I prayed about it and I immediately felt like indeed something was off. We sent a message to the elders and they came with a brother in the ward. When they got to the house they sent us a message that they were outside and my companion was about to open the door when I asked her to wait and we sent a message to them to first put a blessing on the house. After a few minutes we walked out and the brother and Elder Gallegos later told us that they felt something was wrong too when they got close to the house and in that moment they received our text and then they felt better. They took us to this brothers house and we chilled with them for a little while until it was light out and then we went back to the house to shower. and get ready for the day. Well, the minute we stepped in we felt like our stomachs dropped to the floor, and Hna McBride didn't feel safe separating so we decided to just get dressed and leave to do our planning session in the church. As I was waiting for Hna McBride to finish up getting ready I immediately felt this overwhelming sadness and fear, to the verge of some tears so I told Hna McBride that we had to go. We left, the elders and the brother went back to the house with us later to give us and the house a blessing and they said we would be fine. We spent the night and the next morning I felt fine, but Hna McBride was in tears saying that she wanted to go home she felt sooo bad. We called the Elders telling them that it wasn't OK for us to live in this house anymore, so we packed everything and went to a house that the brother was renting. then all was well...
We weren't exactly sure what was in the house, but it was the freakiest thing ever...soooo this whole week we were in the process of changing homes and cleaning because the spirit is just not present. Tuesday night we get a phone call from the member who lives next to our old house and she tells us that our door is OPEN, and she wanted to call to see if we were there, and of course we weren't... but we didn't think much of it because we thought she meant the first door, which sometimes got left open but then the next night her son told us that he had seen the door open and it was the first one, the one to get into the house and we locked it up good before we left so we called the owner to make sure that she hadn't been there and she hadn't. Also, i don't know if you watch Apizaco news haha but there has been a man running around here beating up women every night and after we left the house people began to tell us this story.... 
Of course we were in communication with the zone leaders, assistants, and president during all of this and so on Friday we got a call that we would close the area because of all that had happened. 
It was amazing to see all of the revelation that we received coming to a full circle. we didn't know why we had to leave the house but after the open door and all the freaky stories we felt soooo good that we followed all of the impressions we received.
Well.... We hear that we will be closing the area so we go to the church because we had a lesson with Melissa and the bishop is there so we tell him that we will be closing the area and that elders will be taking our place and he blows up.... haha he was soooo mad because he did NOT want to have more elders, he wanted his sisters because of all the work we have been doing and for all the baptisms we had so of course people start hearing him and saying "what, the sisters are leaving, what happened..." and so we just told everyone that it was for safety reasons, for the man going around (because we didn't want to freak people out with our whole "there was a bad spirit in our house" because they take that stuff a whole lot more seriously) and it was like it was the end of the world hahaha it was so sweet to see how much the ward loved us and how much they wanted us to stay, they started to formulate plans on how they could help us stay hahaha.
It was the worst feeling in the world to tell Melissa that we would be leaving.... no, she couldn't be baptized this week because she still doesn't have permission but she will continue to learn from Elder Gallegos. :)
I thought saying goodbye in Serdan was hard, this time it has been soooo hard too.... I don't want to know what I will feel when I have to leave for good in 7 months.... I love these people so much, I have been sad, but at the same time happy because I know that other sisters won't have to have so much happen to them like what happened to us. 
We have been running around preparing for changes so much that I am exhausted and have a little cold, but nothing can stop this work! I love being a missionary! :)
My valentine this year was my companion, she bought me a rose and we ate cereal together hahaha.
i hope you all have a great week, i love you all sooooo much!
Tomorrow i will be heading to Puebla for changes with Hna McBride, but it wont be a surprise where i am going because they already told me hahaha I will still be a sister training leader and i will be in Tlaxcala still, but in Atempan. 
Remember when you told me you say Meet the Mormons? well, it is required of missionaries in mexico to go see it whoop whoop so i will be going to go see it in March :)
love you! always do the small and simple things to keep the family safe with the guide of the spirit :)
con amor, Hna Ibarra

Hermana Ibarra and a Sister from the ward

Hermana Ibarra and a sister from the ward
Packing up to move out
Eating Doritos Locos (doritos, shredded carrots, gummy bears, peanuts and chili spice)  sounds pretty weird but tastes great.

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