Monday, April 13, 2015

Conozca Los Mormones‏

Week- 49
Area- Tlaxcala, Atempan
Companion- Hermana Penalosa

Yes, I looooove my companion to death, we are going to have a crazy week this week so i wont be able to see much of her this week, but we always have lots of fun together when we are together. last week we had two intercambios and then this week we are going to have 2 more, back to back and el concilio de liderazgo with the president! I will be going on intercambios with a brand new american missionary tomorrow, so we will see how that goes hahaha
Thanks for looking into that for me. I have been thinking about it and I dont think I want to get back to school right away because I think I need to work and be with you guys for a little while, but I will think and pray about byu... everyone is going there and I dont think i want to because i love byui so much, but maybe it is where i need to go because it occasionally comes to mind. 
YES! I would love to go on a trip when I get back, I want to keep busy because Im afraid of just sitting around the house all day... haha because I want to go visit (convert jaja) lots of people and be with you guys, but i know that school will be starting for everyone, so it might be tricky, so whatever you think is best. I just want to get working right away, but also have some free time to go to the temple and help out the missionaries for a little while. and yes, i was thinking about going to conference when i got back :)
100 INNINGS? crazy hahaha so he did make the team?
Well we thought we had some great investigators but some things are telling us that maybe not so much, but we do have faith in one investigator that is GOLDEN! His name is enrique, he is the brother of a member and he has asisted church 3 times and he loooves it and wants to be baptized, we put a date for the 5th of april but then realized that that was general conference (i cant believe it is conference already again) so we are going to see if we can move it up a week, keep your fingers crossed :) Also, we havent been able to visit with karla, the girl who could be baptized anyday she wants to, so please pray that we can find her
today all of the zones in tlaxcala got together to watch MEET THE MORMONS and I loved it. I felt the spirit and I cried a little during the part when the missionary was holding his moms hand in the car and leaving for his mission because I thought of the day I left. i cant believe that was a year ago!
well, i love you all so much, i will try to send you photos :)
con amor, hna ibarra

The District

Hermana Ibarra and Hermana Penalosa

Hermana Ibarra and Hermana Penalosa

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