Monday, April 13, 2015

More Craziness!

Week- 50
Area- Tlaxcala, Atempan
Companion- Hermana Penalosa

Dear Family,
I have LOTS of photos to send you this week and lots to tell!!!
Tuesday we had intercambios and i stayed in the area with hna Aiken, a brand new american sister. it was so amazing to work with her and to feel of the amazing spirit she had. i reflected on my first three months and how hard and frustrating it was to not be able to communicate how i wanted to but how much i relied on the spirit, like hna aiken. we literally had a perfect day together :)
Wednesday we returned from intercambios, had district meeting and then went out to another intercambio. i went with hna pacheco again. we didn't get to teach too much because she was sick but we had a nice long chat together and to hear her conversion story again just reminded me that miracles do indeed exist.
Thursday we planned with the sisters and then planned for ourselves. Friday we went to Puebla to the presidents house for leadership councel and it was AMAZING as usual. we talked alot about how we can help the mission have more baptisms and it reenergized me to work that much harder so i can baptize as many people as i can in these last 6 months. 
i have been thinking about how i want to finish my mission and i found a talk called Consecrated Missionary that so many people had told me about and I looooved it, my plan is not to get trunky haha but to sprint to the end. This week went i started thinking about how much time i have left i realized that it is going to be sooo fast because the president already has planned out what he wants to do with me. 2 cambios more as STL and then 2 cambios training a new missionary and then i'm home....
On Saturday we also had another mini intercambio because i had to take a sister the the hospital for a checkup so her companion could work with my companion because they hadnt done anything all week, but it was kinda fun to go back to Apizaco, even though i didn't even see anyone hahaha
ENRIQUE IS AMMMMMAAAZINNNG!!!! HE is our golden golden investigator, he has is baptism set for after general conference and he is soooo excited, we talk about his baptism every lesson and about general conference :)
love you all so much!
P-Day at Cacaxtla

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