Monday, April 13, 2015

1 Year?

Week- 52
Area- Tlaxcala, Atempan
Companion- Hermana Penalosa

This was a pretty great week until we got chewed out by a grumpy man and now i'm all stressed out haha
We have a new investigator named Lila Fritz. She was an old investigator who almost got baptized but wasn't living the law of chastity, so she couldnt. we found her by a miracle. the last sunday the ward organized an activity for all of the investigators to go see meet the mormons and when they asked us for our numbers we told them that we didn't have anyone that was interested. later, the stake president called and told us that we didn't have faith sufficient enough the first time and that they needed 20 people to fill up the bus so we need to pray and find. :P because we had already asked all of the investigators we had we started plowing through the list of old investigators looking for SOMEONE who wanted to go. we found her name and she told us that she already had plans to go see it and that she wanted to see us. we set the appointment for Tuesday and when we showed up to her house she told us that she LOVED meet the mormons and that she wants to marry a mormon hahahaha we asked her about her past with the missionaries and she told us that she had huge desires to be baptized but when the missionaries told her that she had to live the law of chastity she didn't want to because she was enjoying her time with her boyfriend. weeeeeellllllll She isn't with this man anymore and we explained the law of chastity to her and shared the scripture in alma 38 about if we bridle our passions we will end up loving the person more (the reason she didn't want to live it) and she said she would live it because she wants to be baptized!!!! we set a date for her (april 11, the same day as enrique) and we are sooooo excited because she came to church too!!!!
Another miracle this week, Enrique was struggling with being separated from his family so we invited him to do a fast with us and he accepted. a few days later when we arrived at his house he told us that his daughter had come to visit him. he was sooooo happy and he says "it was because we all fasted". he is seriously the best investigator i have ever had, he has an extreme amount of faith, i love him so much. he always comes to church, he is excited for his baptism and excited for general conference. he always reads and we always have family home evening with him and his sister and mom. HE IS THE BEEEEEEEST!!!!
I know that i still have six months left, but it is kinda hitting me hard because i know how fast it will be. i try not to think about school and stuff, but with helping hna peƱalosa apply its kinda hard hahaha but i read this awesome talk this week called THE FOURTH MISSIONARY that really pepped me up, it is incredible to know that everything depends on the decisions i choose to make. if i give myself completely over to the lord i will be happier and life will be easier. 
my release date is the 16th. the 15th are cambios and i will leave mexico the 16th. it hurts a lot to think about going home, but i know god has a perfect plan. its not that i'm scared, i just love being a missionary.... so much.... and yeah i guess i'm scared of going back into the dating world because i know that is my "next mission" haha and i don't want to lose this spirituality that i have. i don't want to lose the authority and the name tag.... but everything has its season and i realize that God is planning so much for me for when i get home. i have to goal to be happy during this last little bit of time because i remember how sad and depressed hna zarate was her last 3 months and i dont want to be like that, i want to be the happiest i have ever been, and i have never been so happy. i feel like my heavenly father is blessing us with so many miracles. some hard things are happening with our sisters right now, but they are things that i cant control, so i just remind myself to be patient and i feel happy. i have never felt so happy as i do serving the sisters. we had 2 intercambios this week and i got to help 2 sisters who were struggling with lack of success but it was amazing to see their attitudes, how though they haven't had the success they have wanted they are happy, they see the small miracles, and i love that about the church, about being a missionary.

love you so much
hna ibarra

Mexico Puebla North Mission Leadership

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