Monday, April 13, 2015

Week of miracles enserio (serious)

Dear family,
where do i start... ENRIQUE AND LILA WERE BAPTIZED!!!
Their baptisms were amazing, so many people came, the two were so happy and excited and completely perfect! They both brought family and friends to their baptisms and a friend of Lila's was so excited (she also attended general conference) that she told us that she too wants to be baptized and a friend of Enrique wants to take the lessons :) they are awesome missionaries :) Enrique will receive the priesthood next Sunday and the both of them are going to have callings! though they only have days as members they act and have testimonies of members of years :) they are seriously miracles. Susan and Omar are also super excited about their baptisms in a few weeks. we are super happy buy no we hardly have any people to teach, so we are hoping to find lots of new investigados this week. we are going to be having an activity this Saturday "viajar a hawaii" i donSt know if you remember i did it a year ago in Serdan and we had a ton of success so we are going to try it again :) 
i had a pretty cool miracles this week (well, a bunch jaja) first miracle, Saturday night i was on the phone with one of the assistants to the president and i told him that we were searching for new investigadors and he promised me that if i prayed for a family to teach the lord would provide so that night and the following morning i prayed specifically for "a family of 5 or 6" to teach "a family with a mom, a dad, and kids". Sunday morning after church my companion says to me that hna libertad was at church with her family. this sister was a reference our first week here in atempan, she is a less active member her husband inactive and they have 3 children. we had spoken to her once, but we could never find them so we stopped the search. yesterday they were at church and we talked to her and she said her daughter is 9 and isn't baptized but wants to be, so we have an appointment with them tomorrow. i was like "ITS MY FAMILY OF 5 THAT I PRAYED FOR" jaja 
Also, Saturday morning we had leadership interviews with the president. i talked to him about my plans to be a better missionary and a better leader, he listened and talked a little bit and then he says "i don't know if i want to tell you this after talking to you about your goals" (like he was going to give me correction) and i said "no, please tell me" and he said "you are the best missionary that I have"..... and I just started crying. he said "a mission president knows his strong sheep and you are one of them, yeah sometimes you are a little hard on yourself, but you are one of the best I got" he told me that i teach with the spirit and that i am respected and loved as a missionary and leader and that he is happy to have me. i was so grateful and in tears that all i could say was thank you. i am going to miss him so much when he leaves in July, he is a man of incredible spirit and revelation and for him to tell me that i was one of his strong sheep was equivalent to God telling me that...... i have my final interview with him tomorrow i am extremely happy and sad at the same time. 
We had to reschedule hna parslows and hna mazons intercambio, so i didn't get to work with her, but we still saw each other in the offices because we had to renew our visas and in a multi zone conference that we had with president. 
This week was extremely busy and full with ups and downs but i have never been so happy and blessed in my life. i feel like the promises in my patriarchal blessings are being fulfilled, and more.
please pray for hna PeƱaloza, she is going through a hard time right now and please pray that i may know how to help her.
i love you so much. i strive to be the best i can each day so i can live with each and every one of you for the eternities
love hna ibarra

Sightseeing on P-Day

Marissa and a waterfall

Hermana Ibarra and Hermana Penalosa selfie

Hermana Penalosa after a long day of leadership splits

I found a typo on a map

Marissa and her teeth

Enrique's Baptism

Lila's Baptism

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