Monday, May 11, 2015

2 More weeks until we skype!

We had a ton of success in the Hawaii activity, we actually have a new baptism date from it and lots of new investigators!
we have lots of baptisms planned for may, but the ward isn't satisfied haha so we are going to try to put two or 3 more for May, so please pray that the lords will will be done :)
we are soooo happy, we have a TON of work this week, 2 intercambios and leadership counsel and then one more week and we have changes! well, we aren't sure if we have changes yet, but i think so :( 
I don't really care when i speak, you guys can plan everything. I don't want to think about what i will do when i get home yet hahaha so you guys can just surprise me with whatever.
This week has been pretty intense on the sister training leader end, lots of desanimo in the mission right now, but we are super happy because a lot of our sisters are doing alright and having a lot of success. :)
We have 2 more cambios then hna lopez leaves, then i leave, then hna peƱaloza leaves.... 

Learning some Tai chi from a Sister in the Ward

Frying up some chicken fried steak

On splits with Hermana Aitken from the states

This sweet family was sad to find out that Marissa had her birthday before coming to their area, so they baked her a cake anyways.  There is never a bad time for cake.

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