Tuesday, February 3, 2015

muchos muchos milagros‏

Week- 44
Area- Tlaxcala, Xicotencatl
Companion- Hermana McBride

I dont even know where to start, these past two weeks have just been AMAZING and fuuuuull of miracles. My whole time here with hermana Zarate we had hardly any new investigators and now almost everyone we are teaching are new and AMAZING and ready to be baptized!
This week we only had one exchange because one of the sets of sisters got really sick, so we had to postpone there exchange. 
Tuesday I stayed in the area and worked with hermana D.Lubiano, she is from the same stake as my baby Hermana Herrera and came in the same day she did, it was so much fun working with her and feeling of her great spirit. When I talked to her on the bus she told me that teaching the first lesson was hard for her and i told her "welp, thats great because all of our lessons today are first lessons (which they were jajaja)" and the look on her face was priceless jajaja but she did such an amazing job :) We went to visit a new investigator named Valente and his wife Columba, they are in there 60s or 70s and they are just the cutest things. 
Wednesday we had district meeting (the photo), thursday we had planning session with the assistants, friday we had an AMAZING family home evening with Yulis family and Melissa, SHE WILL BE BAPTIZED IN 2 WEEKS, we are soooo excited! We also found a new investigator that told us that he had had lessons with the elders before, about 2 years ago and ever since they left he has had a huge desire to be baptized.... we were like is this for real!?! We are literally seeing sooo many miracles and we know it is because we are contacting more people in the street. the mission is really struggling with opening their mouths and talking to people in the street, so as sister training leaders we have to show a good example so they can know that it is possible. the "normas de excelencia" are 150 contacts in a week and most of our sisters are hitting around 80 or 100 which is really good, but then others 40 or less, like 16 in a week..... suuuuper sad, so we have made the goal to contact every combi and bus (yeah, a big announcement to over 20 people at once and then talk to each of them as the bus is bouncing around) and so we have been having around 150 to 200 contacts and we are seeing MIRACLES through this faith. 
Sad news, Dante moved to get out of his rough family situation, so he wont be being baptized, it was sad, but he finally looked happy, so i couldnt be down too long.
i think one of the most amazing miracles i have seen here is how much Mexico has relaxed me. Yeah, sometimes there is missionary stress, but i havent fought with my perfectionism for a long time and i think i understand why i had to struggle and get over it my first two changes. Hna McBride is sooooooo hard on herself. It has been an incredible experience to work with her and to teach her to have fun and be gentle with herself, i began to realize, wow, was i like this too? And I know that i was... I feel like i am finally begining to understand the atonement more and how that means I can forget the past and repent quickly and happily so i dont have to beat myself up over every little thing because if i do i am saying that the atonement works for everyone else besides me. I have never felt so loved as i do in this moment, i have never been so happy to repent and to be a daughter of God
i love you all so much, i hope you have a great week, i cant wait to hear about the miracles you will see this week. :)
thank you dad for sending that story about your testimony and the testimony of the elder, the other day i was thinking about your other testimony when you went up to the pulpit and shared your testimony without the microphone, i feel like that every day when i have to shout in a bus to share my testimony :) thank you for your example and for always sharing your stories with me, they really strengthen me :)

con amor, hna ibarra

The District

Birthday Weekend!

Week- 43
Area- Tlaxcala, Xicotencatl
Companion- Hermana McBride

Yes, I feel great, a little sleepy haha but that's because we had 3 exchanges this week! 
I had a great time with Hna Parslow, it was so neat to see how much we have both changed since the MTC days. I also worked with Hna Gonzalez, an american sister from Utah and another Hna Gonzalez from here in Mexico, they both have about 5 months in the mission and they were amazing :) We did have some drama this week, we had to close Loma Florida for some reasons, so we have one less sister companionship :(

so as a sister training leader i am not actually with my companion a whole lot because i am out on splits with other sisters, sooooo my wonderful companion decorated the house for my birthday, made me a cake, got a bunch of the people in the ward to write me letters, and then organized a small get together with one of my converts and some of the youth with 2 more birthday cakes, i was sooooo touched and felt soooo blessed, it was and probably will be the best birthday ever :) 

So much happened I dont even know where to begin....
Monday we had a zone activity, we played futbol and dodgeball and it was soooo hot outside, but it felt really good to get out and play. Tuesday we went out to Libres (middle of nowhere, it reminded me alot of Serdan) to have companionship study and planning session with Hna Parlsow and Hna Vazquez and Hna Gonzalez and Hna Cupul and then I stayed in Libres to work with Hna Parlsow. Wednesday we went to Huamantla to switch companions again and we had our district meeting were we practiced contacting and then I had the day to work here in Apizaco with Hna McBride, and we had an amazing little miracle, hna Angelica, a less active member, walked with us to one of her friends house and so now we have 2 new investigators. Thursday we went out to Chiautempan, Hna McBrides old area to go to companion study and planning session with Hna Gonzalez and Hna Corral and Hna McBride stayed in Chiautempan with Hna Corral (her former companion) and I came back to Apizaco with Hna Gonzalez. Friday we all met up in Apizaco and then we headed out for Libres again to work with Hna Gonzalez and Hna Cupul. I stayed in Libres again and then on Saturday we met up in Huamantla to make the switch then got back to Apizaco for planning session and cake and party and we made  a suuuuuuuper yummy lasagna, im starting to get good at cooking haha and then Sunday we were running around a bit helping some sisters with some things. Melissa came again and we are super excited for her baptism in a few weeks. we still have heard hardly anything from Dante, please keep praying for him, but we are really excited about the 2 new investigators and also 2 more :)

love you all so much, I haven't received your package yet, but I'm sure it will come soon.
I read an AMAZING talk this week that you MUST read, or at least Sarah, it was a world wide conference talk given this month for young single adults at ByUi, here is a link with the information, you will have to find the actual talk

con amor hna ibarra

Hermana Ibarra and Hermana McBride

Marissa at a birthday party thrown for her by some new members and Melissa who is getting baptized next week.

Marissa and Hermana Parslow (Marissa's MTC companion)  Marissa got to spend the day with her on splits.