Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Dear Family,
I can't believe how much god loves us and loves the people her in Atempan... For the first time in my mission EVERYONE OF OUR INVESTIGATORS WAS AT CHURCH!!!!!  We have only 7 but of those 7, 5 have super solid baptism dates!!!! 4 of the baptisms will be in May and the other the beginning of June. The other two investigators that don't have a baptism date are a married couple and we are going to try to put a baptism date with them this week :)
Also, we had the Hawaii activity and we got some great references, one of which is a daughter of a less active member WHO WANTS TO BE BAPTIZED!!!  This next week we already have FILLED with appointments, 2 intercambios, half an intercambio, a planning session, 2 family home evenings, and monthly forms. I have never been happier and sooooooooo tired hahaha there is a reason we only serve 18 months, my body is slowly trying to die on me, but I won't let it hahaha
Our investigators are seriously amazing. we started having SUPER family home evenings, we invite all of the investigators over to a members house and we have a short lesson and play games. This last week we had OVER 30 PEOPLE in the house... we have to split up our group into 2 family home evenings now hahaha. 
 I want to give you the details of each investigator, because they are seriously seeing soooo many miracles in their lives, but I can give you their whole stories when we skype :))))
here are their names so you can pray for them...
Susan and Omar 3 de mayo
Natalya 23 de Mayo
Claudia 21 de Mayo
Laura 4 de Junio
I really hope i am here to see all their baptisms, but we have cambios in 3 weeks and I think I might be going because i

have more time here in Tlaxcala than hna penaloza does, but we will see, the president likes to do crazy things :)

love you so much, please keep praying for the investigators and for my companion. 
seeeeeeeeee yoooooooooooo super soooooooooooooooooooooon ;D
hna ibarra

Intercambios with Hermana Summers and Hermana Garcia

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh we were so sad, Elder Grasinger had to switch missions this week. he has only 3 weeks here, but the sun is treating his skin terribly, so he will now be serving in Vancouver Washington. I told him he would love it, that it rains hahaha he has a lei because we took one from Hawaii activity to say goodbye. he blessed my life a lot with his missionary spirit, he will be greatly missed.